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The Art and Science of Revenue Growth Blog

Ideas and Insights Designed to Fuel Your Revenue Generation Efforts
Tearing Down Corporate Silos to Create Alignment That Drives Revenue
Did you know that having an aligned sales and marketing team can directly impact your sales efforts and improve your revenue generation success?
Take An Account Based Selling Approach to Growing Your Revenue
An Account Based Selling methodology is when marketing and sales work together to pursue high value accounts with a personalized approach that closely ties the company’s value proposition to the prospect’s needs...
ML Achiever: Theresa Applegate, Technology Manager
Continuous Improvement. This is something Theresa Applegate is committed to in her personal life as well as her role with MarketLauncher.
Data and the Art of the Pivot
In this blog, we’ll talk about the impact of data on your ABS program. When properly collected and analyzed, data can improve your selling efforts.
When Business Gets Unpredictable, Bring Your “A” Game
This year, MarketLauncher turns 20. We opened our “virtual” doors in May 2001 and set the core values for our company that we have stayed true to
The Diamond Approach: 4 Cornerstones to Build a Healthy Sales Pipeline
A healthy sales pipeline is built upon these 4 elements. Here’s how you can establish a sales infrastructure that will give your team a cutting edge.
Nurturing Your Clients and Contacts to Drive New Revenue: 4 Best Practices
As trailblazers in lead development, market research and prospecting services, one thing the team at ML hears regularly when speaking with prospective
2020 Vision in 2021: New People, New Promotions, Same Great Client Service
If there is one thing we learned in 2020, it is the importance of people. Not that we didn’t already know this.
ML Achiever: Jennifer Aldinger, Sales Manager
Commitment to family, clients and lifelong learning define Sales Manager, Jennifer Aldinger.
Building Trust Through Account Based Selling (ABS)
Building trust is now even more important as businesses try to recover from the impact that COVID-19 has had on their business, their people and their bottom line. Applying an Account Based Selling ( ABS) strategy with our clients, helps build and maintain that trust.