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How Market Opportunity Analysis & Assessments Benefit Your Business

Find your most profitable business opportunities and explore market readiness for new offerings.

MarketLauncher provides New Market Assessments to assist clients in answering key questions related to growth strategies while simultaneously identifying new business opportunities.

Our ongoing, high-level assessments allow our clients to consistently penetrate the market for the purpose of identifying new business opportunities, including new product development, competitive landscape, pricing, brand awareness and/or potential partnerships.

We accomplish this by:

  • Conducting research to build targeted lists on potential growth “test” verticals
  • Conducting telephone outreach and a primary research campaign to the identified companies to construct a picture of the market landscape
  • Determining the market’s needs, pain points, and drivers
  • Identifying any potential leads for immediate opportunities and building a pipeline of potential leads for the future
  • Developing a Market Assessment report analyzing market viability and potential

Benefits Of MarketLauncher Opportunity Analysis & Assessment Reports

By working with MarketLauncher, our clients ensure that the market is consistently mined for critical information so that sales and executive teams can focus on delivering their core service.

The end result is that our clients gain new business opportunities and know more about their market, including the competitive landscape, where to find the highest yielding sales opportunities, and what’s on the minds of key decision makers.

How Market Opportunity Analysis & Assessment Reports Are Benefitting Our Clients

New Market Expansion

A geotechnical engineering firm needed a program to kick-start the sales effort in a newly established satellite office. MarketLauncher conducted a survey with a target list of potential customers and provided the client with a road map for pursuit of business in the market – including viable target prospects, details on the decision making process and competitors being used most frequently.

From this initial program, the geotechnical firm asked MarketLauncher to conduct similar campaigns in five additional markets and make recommendations as to where the most lucrative business opportunities resided and how the firm could go about capturing new business.

Evaluating Market Potential

MarketLauncher provided secondary research to a Chicago-based civil engineering firm for the purpose of evaluating market potential relative to the pending acquisition of another firm which was based in Phoenix and had offices in two other ancillary markets. A comparative market assessment was needed to determine if it was worthwhile for our client to continue the firm’s investment in the ancillary markets or to invest those funds in another market already being considered for future expansion. The data was captured in the ancillary markets and then in eight additional markets to be compared and contrasted to make a final strategic decision about resource allocation.

Identifying New Growth Markets

MarketLauncher worked with a provider of sales, service and coaching performance improvement solutions to Fortune 1000 companies targeting financial services, insurance and telecommunications industries. The program executed by the MarketLauncher team produced a market assessment to answer key strategic questions about short-term business opportunities and longer-term potential in key growth industries.

Accelerate into New Markets

MarketLauncher helped a global engineering consultancy and software provider to the electric utility industry kick start their release of a new product offering and secured appointments for the sales team. In addition, MarketLauncher collected data from the target market to help the client forecast future sales potential. A market assessment report was produced to provide details from the pilot effort to help determine what kind of scenarios were best linked to potential interest in the client’s new product offering.

Expanding into the Federal Government Market

A civil engineering firm was looking to proactively grow their Federal contract opportunities. MarketLauncher was hired to identify: agencies that hired civil engineers; how the contracting process was executed; key decision makers within each agencies branches/divisions/locations; and upcoming opportunities. Through extensive research, MarketLauncher built a comprehensive list of target agencies and contacts within each office. Interviews were conducted to gather market intelligence. An eighty-four page “How the Federal Government Hires Civil Engineers” was developed that included immediate opportunities identified in addition to an outline of longer-term strategies.

Geographic Expansion

When an Orlando-based civil engineering firm began to consider a geographic expansion, MarketLauncher conducted a comprehensive assessment of the public and private sector to provide the client with key indicators relative to growth in the market. Based on the comprehensive market assessment provided by MarketLauncher, the client is currently seeking an acquisition in a targeted area.

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