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Blog Posts on Data-driven Selling

Data-driven Selling | Ideas and Insights Designed to Fuel Your Revenue Generation Efforts

Data-driven Selling Posts

How Partnering with MMIT Helped Us Achieve Client Success
We found the right partner in MMIT, a leading provider of market access data, analytics, and insights. Read the case study to learn how MMIT’s Reach and Directory of Health Plans solutions helped contribute to our client’s success.   
Top 5 Reasons for Listening to the Voice of Your Customer
There is tremendous value in the types of intelligence you can uncover by listening to the voice of your customer. Here are just a few examples.
Data and the Art of the Pivot
In this blog, we’ll talk about the impact of data on your ABS program. When properly collected and analyzed, data can improve your selling efforts.
Riding Out COVID-19: Applying Strategic Outbound Sales and Digital Strategies
As we continue our analysis of the global pandemic’s impact on revenue generation efforts, we are heartened to see the beginnings of a move back to pre-COVID-19 numbers.
ML Cuts Reporting Costs in Half & Improves Goal Achievement by 17% with Databox
MarketLauncher turned to Databox when we needed a better way to keep our goals front and center while reporting progress to clients.
A Look at the Data: COVID-19's Impact on Sales Development
In the wake of the COVID-19 crisis, sales executives across every industry had to make quick and critical decisions to either pause on sales outreach or press forward with a new strategy.
3 Essential HubSpot Sales Enablement Capabilities to Empower Your Team
HubSpot's Sales Hub can empower your team to sell better and faster with less friction. Consider these 3 essential capabilities to propel your sales enablement strategy.
Sales Enablement Automation: How Much Is Too Much?
A key element of sales enablement automation is behavior-driven email, but sometimes it can actually add more friction to the buying experience.