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Why ML

MarketLauncher is a Team of Experts You Can Trust

A Different Approach to Inside Sales

When you have a complex sale that requires you engage the C-suite and other senior executives as your primary buyers, you need seasoned professionals with the right level of sales and marketing experience and the ability to quickly grasp industry knowledge.

ML’s Market Research and Sales Development Specialists average 15 years of experience. Each is recruited to the ML team based on their track record of success and subject matter expertise.

Mary White and Brook Castino
Mary White and Brook Castino
The Diamond Approach graphic illustration

The Diamond Approach

We apply leadership oversight in four cross-functional areas critical to success.  

  • Client Services: responsible for STRATEGY, focused on the PROGRAM GOALS 
  • Account Operations: responsible for REPORTING, focused on the DATA and ANALYTICS  
  • Sales & Market Research Specialists: responsible for EXECUTION, focused on the MARKET INTEL 
  • Sales Content: responsible for MESSAGING, focused on the MARKET REACTION 
The Diamond Approach graphic illustration

Our Depth of Experience

Our talented team of sales and marketing professionals, data scientists, sales strategists and content curators are key differentiators for us. With an average of 15 years of industry experience in client-facing roles, we can comfortably engage and convert your target market.


Terri-Lynne Anderson
I take several approaches to engage with prospects. One is by sharing information that I think will be the most relevant to them. I look through the lens of ‘what's in it for them’ and focus on asking questions about their challenges. I can then use that knowledge to connect their pain points to our client’s solution. And as cheesy as it may sound, I always have a smile on my face when calling. That positivity comes through the phone!
Terri-Lynne Anderson, Director of Business Development, Joined ML in May 2012 
Terri-Lynne Anderson
Terri-Lynne Anderson
Anna Wilferth
Anna Wilferth
As a Client Services Manager, I am the primary point of contact between the companies I support and the ML team of market researchers, data analysts, content writers and sales specialists. I am responsible for understanding my clients' goals and communicating them across the ML team. Together, we then create and execute the strategy, applying regular checkpoints to ensure it is effective.
Anna Wilferth, Client Services Manager, Joined ML in February 2022
Anna Wilferth
Mary Alice Renners
My role requires critical thinking, data visualization, and collaboration with the team to ensure that clients have the most accurate, clean, and robust data. Then, I take the data and turn it into a clear, concise, and compelling narrative. I enjoy interpreting the data to tell a story that helps clients make informed decisions.
Mary Alice Renners, Data Manager, Joined ML in 2010
Mary Alice
Mary Alice
Stephen Kirkpatrick

Building Trust with a Qualified Audience By Providing Great Messaging Delivered at the Right Time​​

Stephen Kirkpatrick
If you can help a busy executive meet their corporate mandates, they will want to speak with you. To be enticing while building immediate trust, messaging must be about the problems your offerings resolve for your audience. That relevant message must then be delivered in a variety of ways and at the right time. That’s where our team’s deep sales experience really provides value.
Stephen Kirkpatrick, Senior Sales Content Manager, Joined ML in January 2021
Stephen Kirkpatrick

A Customized “End-to-End” Approach to Outbound Sales

It is common for us to provide multiple services for clients. Some are continuous. Others are for a specific period only. We partner with you to build a program that includes the services you need.

Programs that Address Your Unique Needs
We customize each program to meet initial goals, pivoting to new services and support as your needs change. We grow as you grow.
Extend the Reach of Existing Resources
We fill gaps, working with (and operating as an extension of) your internal resources, including sales, marketing, partner management, and operations. And we also integrate into your external resources, like digital marketing agencies.
ML Experts Exactly Where You Need Us
ML offers project-based services to complement our comprehensive end-to-end strategic outbound offering. Market research for demographic comparisons, expanding your total addressable market, intelligent outbound sales research, voice of customer programs, event lead development and follow up, customer re-engagement, and inbound lead qualification and development.
End-to-End Outbound
Deep Experience in Key Industries
ML’s team has the experience to support B2B companies selling into a broad range of industries. And our years of experience have made us particularly effective in several specialized industries such as healthcare IT, cyber security, professional services, advertising technologies and many enterprise SaaS solutions.

Ready to work together?

ML provides expertise across the full spectrum of B2B sales and marketing strategies to introduce your offering to the right buyers.