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B2B Lead Development & Appointment Setting​

Lead development is achieved by engaging with decision-makers and converting them into pre-qualified sales appointments.
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Lead Development

The MarketLauncher team uses personalized, multi-touchpoints to develop leads that are generated from outbound and inbound activities. ​
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Personalized Messaging

At the development stage, we personalize our messaging and promote your content that best matches the needs we’ve uncovered by engaging with the prospect. ​
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Experienced Sales Team

Our Sales Development Specialists have an average of 15 years of experience engaging senior executives all the way up to the C-suite.
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Build Trust

Our seasoned specialists know how to engage in a business conversation that helps to position your organization as a trusted source of subject matter expertise.

MarketLauncher Develops Leads into Active Sales Opportunities​

Our Lead Development Strategy​

  • It can take as many as 10-12 touchpoints to get a prospect to book a meeting. Most outside sales reps don’t have the bandwidth to maintain that level of outreach. ​
  • MarketLauncher Specialists have expertise using multi-touch to move leads deeper into the pipeline.​
  • We develop outreach campaigns with a human touch, using calls and personalized email to engage and build trust.​
  • Our goal is to turn leads into appointments that get you in front of the right decision makers faster.
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Lara, Michelle, and Kati
Lara, Michelle, and Kati

What is End-to-End Strategic Outbound?

Learn how our services work together to build a predictable sales pipeline for you.
End-to-End Outbound
Lead Development and Appointment setting

MarketLauncher Books Appointments for Your Team With the Right Decision-Makers​

Our Sales Appointment Setting Strategy​

  • MarketLauncher ensures your team is focused on prospects with the best potential for converting to new sales.​
  • Our Specialists conduct the direct phone and email follow-up necessary to engage leads and begin a meaningful dialogue.​
  • We engage with decision-makers, collecting intel and pre-qualifying leads based on specific criteria that identify them as potential opportunities.​
  • Your team receives booked meetings with qualified targets when timing, need, and interest are aligned.​
Lead Development and Appointment setting
“We know lead generation is really tough. Especially getting physicians on board. Oftentimes in the past, we have worked on rolodexing to get sales talent. You are in trouble when that rolodex has been depleted. ML downloads an important part of the process in a way that is quite performant, so we come out ahead on both time and money. ML’s capability is a pretty big standout.”
VP of Sales, Remote Patient Monitoring System​

Jennifer Aldinger
Jennifer Aldinger
Senior Sales Manager
Joined ML in June 2014

“One of ML’s most challenging programs was for a global mobile network looking to penetrate a highly competitive market comprised of multi-national firms.

“After our market research team identified the target accounts and most likely potential buyers, we had to quickly master our client’s value proposition, key differentiators, and benefits.

“Our team booked an average of 100 pre-qualified appointments every month for a 12-month period to help our client meet their market penetration goals. It was fast paced and the client was very collaborative, using our conversion metrics and intel collected from the field to refine their go-to-market strategy.”

A La Carte Services

Develop Inbound Leads

Do you have a digital marketing program that is generating a lot of leads? Are those leads converting to sales opportunities? Many sales teams struggle with the time investment needed to develop their inbound leads. ML uses a systematic process combined with data analytics to fill that gap and move new deals into your pipeline.​

  • Programs start with as few as 100 inbound leads.​
  • Leads are vetted to ensure they meet your ideal client profile.​
  • ML develops and executes a multi-touch campaign to engage your inbound leads, provide the information they came to you for, and converts them into opportunities for your sales team to pursue.
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Most MarketLauncher programs include the full scope of our B2B Prospecting and Lead Generation Services combined with Lead Development and Appointment Setting.
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