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Account Based Marketing Meets Account Based Selling: Maximizing Campaign Effectiveness
An Account Based Marketing strategy identifies the firmographic characteristics of your ideal customers, and uses this information to identify a ‘total addressable market’ (TAM).
Communication and Collaboration
Sales and marketing alignment is a fundamental component of Account Based Selling (ABS). ABS is rooted in the premise that sales and marketing teams must be aligned. But what exactly does “aligned” mean?
5 Tips for Engaging the C-Suite to Create More Sales Opportunities
Let’s face it. Selling is hard. And when your best point of entry is someone in the C-suite, there is an added layer of complexity...
Webinar: What To Do When Unforeseen Events Affect Your Lead Pipeline
If your sales pipeline has been impacted by the recent global healthcare crisis, this webinar will help you develop a last-minute lead generation strategy using MarketLauncher's Diamond Approach.