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B2B Prospecting and Lead Generation

Define your target market, identify the right decision makers and convert them to verified leads.
Generate Leads Icon

Generate Leads

MarketLauncher uses a Strategic Outbound Methodology to generate leads that cover the full scope of your addressable target market.
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Target the Right Accounts

This methodology ensures you engage with the right target accounts and is a magnifier on your thought leadership content making sure it gets into the hands of the right decision-makers faster.
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Strategic Outreach

Strategic Outbound is an evolution from the less targeted process of sending large volumes of emails and making cold calls to an unqualified audience, to instead reaching out to a targeted, qualified list to spark interest.
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Support Your ABM Investment

Building a database of verified leads creates the foundation for your Account Based Marketing program.

Prospecting, Lead Generation and Lead Development – What’s the Difference?

At ML, we make a distinction between prospecting, lead generation and lead development.

Prospecting: Prospecting is the effort to identify your Total Addressable Market (TAM), building up a database of the right decision-makers at companies that meet your ideal client profile.

Lead Generation: At the top of the sales funnel you are converting suspects into verified leads. If you have properly identified your TAM, your outreach efforts are building an audience of leads that have the potential to become sales prospects.

Lead Development: Leads advance to the middle of the funnel when personalized outreach results in engagement and two-way dialogue. Leads are converted to a sales prospect when need, interest and timing are aligned.

Stephen Kirkpatrick
Stephen Kirkpatrick
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A La Carte Services

Total Addressable Market (TAM) Build Out and Warmup 

MarketLauncher has access to premium market resources, something most of our clients simply don’t have. We then call and conduct additional research to verify that the right decision-makers have been identified. This process creates awareness and warms up your audience. 

  • Packages start at 250 contacts based on your buyer personas; programs can be completed in as little as 60 days.​
  • Outreach includes phone and emails.​
  • Your thought leadership is placed directly into decision-makers’ hands.​
  • Our sales research will uncover intel to inform relevant, value-driven messaging that our sales team and yours can all leverage.

Re-Engage with Former Customers

​When was the last time you thought about former customers? They can be a great source of revenue. A customer re-engagement program can uncover missed opportunities. 

  • Packages start at 100 client contacts, and programs can be completed in as little as 60 days.​
  • You provide a list of former accounts and contacts.​
  • MarketLauncher will engage them and bring your company top-of-mind, introduce new offerings, and book a re-introductory meeting if there is an opportunity.

What is End-to-End Strategic Outbound?

Learn how our services work together to build a predictable sales pipeline for you.
End-to-End Outbound

The ML Team Makes the Difference

Our B2B Prospecting and Lead Generation Services lay the foundation for a successful Lead Development and Appointment Setting Program.

Teresa Block
I lead our Market Research team. We lay the groundwork with that critical first touchpoint in our Strategic Outbound approach. We are the ones who navigate through each prospects’ organization to identify the right decision makers. We are not afraid to ask questions that will help our team hone in on the prospects that are most likely to convert to an opportunity for our client.
Teresa Block, Sales Manager, Joined ML in April 2013
Meet the Team

Four Benefits of a Properly Researched and Validated Target List

An unverified suspect list can skew your data analysis by as much as 30% because you are averaging your results across a universe that includes invalid data.

Engage the right audience Target Icon

While building the best list requires time and resources, you’ll be able to leverage your marketing outreach better and get to your desired outcomes faster. It will ensure you do not waste valuable time and effort engaging the wrong audience.

Obtain the best intel from your data intel icon
You can use the metrics to truly test which messages work and which don’t because you can rule out that it’s being ignored by someone who is not a relevant prospect. Based on our findings that a typical list resource is only 70% accurate, your data analysis could be off by as much as 30% which could result in incorrect decision making. ​
Focus on accounts that provide the most opportunity target accounts icon
You will ensure your budgets and sales resources are focused on prospects with the most need for your offering and obtain the best intel to influence your go-to-market strategies and product roadmaps.
Preserve your brand integrity star icon
A properly validated list will protect your reputation, preventing your email outreach from getting flagged as spam because you are sending irrelevant information to your audience. ​
Michelle and Lara
Michelle and Lara
“What I really like about the work that ML does is their people are intelligent enough that when they're on the phone, they figure out if they are not talking to the right person. They know how to ask the questions to get to the right person, and that is going to be the name of the game in what we are trying to achieve.”
Vice President, Healthcare Services Company Supporting Clinical Trials
“MarketLauncher is very strategic in their approach to evaluating our total addressable market. They are very good at adjusting their message and revising the list as a result of the feedback they are hearing. Plus, the insights they gather are communicated back to us. This helps our team focus on the best potential opportunities.”
Sr. Channel Marketing Manager, ERP Software Provider
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Most MarketLauncher programs include the full scope of our B2B Prospecting and Lead Generation Services combined with Lead Development and Appointment Setting.
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B2B Prospecting and Lead Generation: Target Market Development
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