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Turn Outbound Sales and Marketing into a Revenue Generation Advantage
In December, many companies are looking ahead and deciding where best to focus their sales and marketing efforts for the coming year.
How to Engage C-suite Decision-Makers for More Meetings with Qualified Prospects
Is your current strategy for engaging with the C-suite sinking? Learn our practiced and proven tips on how to reach and engage C-level executives.
How to Build a Successful Sales Outreach Strategy that Yields Results
As buyer behavior shifts, so too are best practices for sales outreach. Here’s what companies need to know about B2B prospecting to close more deals.
How Partnering with MMIT Helped Us Achieve Client Success
We found the right partner in MMIT, a leading provider of market access data, analytics, and insights. Read the case study to learn how MMIT’s Reach and Directory of Health Plans solutions helped contribute to our client’s success.   
Your Strategic Outbound Marketing Strategy: 3 Tips for Successful Outreach
What role does multi-touch, multi-channel outreach, and engagement play in an outbound marketing strategy?
How Email Messaging, Phone Scripts, and Great Content Enable B2B Prospecting
Carefully craft your messaging strategy when B2B prospecting. Here is how you can catch the attention of the c-suite and senior executives using outbound strategies that work.
Podcast: Prospecting & Selling into the C-Suite
ML's CEO, Lara Triozzi, shares her experience and some tips and tricks on how to successfully sell to the c-suite in this "Agency Unfiltered" episode hosted by Kevin Dunn. 
Tearing Down Corporate Silos to Create Alignment That Drives Revenue
Did you know that having an aligned sales and marketing team can directly impact your sales efforts and improve your revenue generation success?
Rice vs. Wheat: Why Strategic Outbound Sales is Different Than Cold Calling [Infographic]
Traditional outbound sales is ineffective. Strategic Outbound Sales should function like a rice paddy -- “It all depends on hard work and fertilizer.”
ML Becomes a HubSpot Certified Platinum Partner & Databox Premier Partner
We’re thrilled to start the new year as a HubSpot Certified Platinum Partner and Databox Premier Partner.