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The Art and Science of Revenue Growth Blog

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Remote Work Is More Than Just WFH
The workplace has changed a lot in the last couple of years. And businesses have had to respond to all that change.
What To Do If You’re Behind On Your Sales Goals
When it comes to achieving your sales goals, you should be thinking 8 months to 1 year ahead. Here are a few ways you can make sure you don't fall behind again next year.
How to Measure Your Sales Conversion Rate
Wondering if your sales lead efforts are paying off? In this blog, we outline the components you should measure to determine your lead to sale conversion rate.
Strategic Outbound Marketing Strategy: Data Analysis and Reporting
By applying data-driven decision-making to your sales programs, you will get in front of the right decision-makers faster. Here are a few lessons from ML data experts.
How to Build a Successful Sales Outreach Strategy that Yields Results
As buyer behavior shifts, so too are best practices for sales outreach. Here’s what companies need to know about B2B prospecting to close more deals.
ML Achiever: Heidi Hacker, Senior Sales Development Specialist
This month our ML Achiever is Senior Sales Development Specialist, Heidi Hacker. Learn more about Heidi's role, career path and experience at ML.
How Our Commitment to Our Team Protects Against “The Great Resignation”
In the era of “The Great Resignation,” one of the most important things leadership can do is create a more employee-centric organization.
How Partnering with MMIT Helped Us Achieve Client Success
We found the right partner in MMIT, a leading provider of market access data, analytics, and insights. Read the case study to learn how MMIT’s Reach and Directory of Health Plans solutions helped contribute to our client’s success.   
Your Strategic Outbound Marketing Strategy: 3 Tips for Successful Outreach
What role does multi-touch, multi-channel outreach, and engagement play in an outbound marketing strategy?
Rules of Engagement Between Inside and Outside Sales
Whether your organization includes both inside and outside sales teams or you outsource, there are rules to follow in order to align goals and strategy.