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Company Culture

Commitment to shared values, mission and vision have kept the ML team aligned to a common purpose since 2001​

MarketLauncher's Guiding Principles

Our values, vision, and mission are the foundation of our success.
Our Values
Our values drive our culture. We embrace achievement, commitment, improvement and fun. Bring your A game.
Our Vision
Our Vision
Our vision is to be the first choice of CEOs who are looking for a trusted partner to help build a predictable growth model. We are experts at applying a strategic, consultative approach to prospecting that accelerates growth for B2B companies.
Our Mission
Our Mission
Our mission is to create an environment that attracts the best and the brightest sales and marketing professionals dedicated to helping clients achieve predictable growth.
Brooke Castino

We’ve Been Here a While

  • Established in 2001
    For two decades, we have supported hundreds of amazing clients. Over 60% of our client base are companies who have been with us long-term or individuals who have brought us into multiple companies. 
  • 100% Remote Workforce
    Our team has worked remotely since our inception. We know how to lead and succeed from virtually anywhere.
  • High Employee Retention
    Our culture, values and committed team members are key reasons for low staff turnover. Our team members have been here an average of 8+ years.
Brooke Castino

A Flexible Work Environment That Attracts A Players

  • A Players
    Our team of seasoned sales and marketing experts have proven track records helping clients achieve growth by moving more opportunities into their sales pipeline.
  • Flexible Work Environment
    Our remote environment gives team members the flexibility to accommodate shifting needs in their lifestyle. Our team members can truly work from anywhere!
  • Fun Environment
    We promote a work hard, play hard atmosphere and place a high value on having fun at work. It is a key part of the secret to our success in maintaining a remote environment for over 20 years while keeping turnover low and employee engagement high.
Flexible Work Environment
Stephanie Kargel
Stephanie Kargel
ML hires A players with deep expertise in sales and marketing. But that's not all they need to excel in our 100% remote environment. They must also be leaders who are comfortable working independently while also integrating into our very close-knit team. Once we find these unique individuals, we work hard to retain them.
Stephanie Kargel, Director of Growth, Joined ML in April 2003
Stephanie Kargel

Corporate Values​

Our four corporate values guide everything we do at ML, from recruiting to hiring and rewarding our people, and to serving our clients. ​