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Marketlauncherteam member
Vice President of Operations and Technology
Atlanta, GA
“I love the innovation piece of my role. I like creating new reports for clients, learning and utilizing new technologies to help our team work more efficiently, and making sure that our current tools are being used to the fullest.”
Work Experience
Joined ML in October 2013
Career Began in 2006
Bachelor of Science (Business Management) from Georgia Institute of Technology; Certificates in Accounting and Finance; HubSpot Sales Software Certified
ML Achiever: Erin Studstill, Vice President of Operations and Technology
ML Achiever: Erin Studstill, Vice President of Operations and Technology
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About Erin Studstill

Erin leads our technology, reporting and data teams. A primary goal for the operations team is “real-time data” for everyone, and Erin was essential to making this happen through our transition to HubSpot and MS Teams. She has set up data boards that enable us to track performance in real-time, which has improved our overall performance and that of our clients. 

A favorite quote is William Edwards Deming’s, “Without Data, you are just another person with an opinion.” That quote is on our presentation slides to show clients how important real-time, accurate data is to ML!   

Before ML, Erin worked for a non-profit in the technology industry, where she was responsible for fundraising, brand awareness, and managing a conference that attracted 7000 attendees.  

Reading is a favorite hobby, and she estimates she finishes over 100 books a year. Erin is a Georgia Tech Alumni Association member and is a volunteer with Operation Lunchbox, which provides food every Friday to students in need to make sure they don’t go hungry over the weekend. She has twin teenagers who keep life exciting and loves to clean, which she considers a form of exercise and therapy. 

“I have the best of both worlds here at MarketLauncher. I am highly involved in our client accounts and get to develop reporting and use data to help our clients see trends, make business decisions, and ultimately grow their business. And then internally I get to find new resources and develop processes that keep us efficient and on top of the everchanging technology.”
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