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Allison Nakagawa

Senior Data Manager

Los Angeles, CA

Analyzing metrics and building top-notch, data-oriented reports is the catalyst to Allison’s success. Her expertise in technology and reporting software enhances her natural ability to detect patterns, identify trends and communicate data-driven insights and recommendations to our clients.


Allison graduated from Ohio State University with a Bachelor’s in Applied Mathematics. 

She is intuitive. innovative and understands that reporting and analyzing data are not “one size fits all” – these traits amplify her passion for generating reports with a fresh perspective.  

In addition to her mad technology skills, Allison is an exceptional collaboratorShe has mastered the art of juggling multiple projects and delivering outstanding results. Her energy and drive also carries over into her family life. She loves to go mountain biking, kayaking and getting into competitive Monopoly games with her husband and daughter. She’s also in the process of reading the top 100 novels of all time.