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Theresa Applegate

Technology Manager

Meridian, Mississippi

Theresa has a keen eye for uncovering patterns and trends in data and turning them into clear reports.

  • Theresa enables client success by ensuring that MarketLauncher databases are filled with clean, accurate data.
  • Has played a major role in developing MarketLauncher’s automated client reporting system to more efficiently track campaign performance.
  • Prior to joining MarketLauncher, Theresa started her own researching company, where she researched patents for an IT inventor.

Theresa’s insights drive everything from choosing the right title from call lists to looking for patterns and commonalities in engaged contacts. Putting all the puzzle pieces together is what she does best. Theresa started at MarketLauncher as a project coordinator, managing overall project details, keeping track of scheduling and building strong client relationships.

Her problem-solving skills and degree in Computer Information Systems from Baker College makes her a natural fit for the data analyst role. One of her most notable accomplishments at ML has been building out an automated client reporting system in Zoho Reports. Theresa also enjoys working with high-tech offerings. She loves working at MarketLauncher because of the flexibility and variety of clients. In her free time she loves spending time with her family and enjoys reading.

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