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Marketlauncherteam member
Senior Outbound Sales Specialist
Des Moines, IA metro
Work Experience
Joined ML in October 2019
Career Began in 1990
Masters Degree in Business Administration from Virginia Commonwealth University; Bachelor of Science (Nutrition and Medical Dietetics) from Penn State

About Cheryl Reich

Cheryl has almost three decades of sales experience that guides her ability to support our clients. Her secret weapons for sales success are her strong communication skills and her ability to solve just about any problem through collaboration.  

Cheryl has significant experience in pharmaceuticals and in software sales.  She is highly effective at accomplishing corporate goals by understanding and then effectively managing the sales environment to meet client objectives. 

Cheryl’s previous employers include Marriott and Merck.  She is a registered dietitian and in her free time she plays tennis, swims, and enjoys spending time with family and friends. 

“I enjoy applying my background and experience as I learn about new products and technologies.”
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