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Mary White

Vice President of Operations

Tampa, FL

Manages operations and oversees the process for continuous improvement of MarketLauncher methodology


  • An influential member of the MarketLauncher team since 2005, Mary has spearheaded many of MarketLauncher’s notable client initiatives, including Operation Front Row Seat, a program that gives clients full visibility into all outreach, activity and data on their program, as well as a portal to collaborate directly with the MarketLauncher team.
  • In her previous role as Director of Accounts, she drove client success through strategic decision-making based on data and insights.

Mary is in charge of producing the steps to ensure that the MarketLauncher team achieves every job they set out to do. She is known for her uncanny ability to create a flawless process for just about anything. Prior to joining MarketLauncher, Mary earned a degree from the University of Central Florida and spent eight years in the television industry. What she didn’t know then was that her time as a producer and reporter would prepare her for today’s marketing environment, where concise messaging is the key to reaching the right people.

Mary is the force that keeps the MarketLauncher team running efficiently while producing the best possible outcomes for our clients.

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