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Marketlauncherteam member
Senior Sales Manager
Dublin, OH
“In my spare time, I work with the Mayo Clinic providing my opinion on healthcare and the technology that supports it. This feeds my passion for continuous learning and staying abreast of new developments while allowing me to use my knowledge of these two industries to give back.”
Work Experience
Joined ML in June 2014
Career Began in 1985
Bachelor of Science (Business Administration) from Ohio State University
ML Achiever: Jennifer Aldinger, Sales Manager
ML Achiever: Jennifer Aldinger, Sales Manager
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About Jennifer Aldinger

Jennifer excels at engaging prospects and creating relationships that convert to client meetings. She primarily supports clients in the healthcare and technology industries. Having worked for IBM and NCR and other tech companies supporting hospitals, these two industries are a perfect fit for her.  

Jennifer consistently exceeds her monthly and annual goals for creating qualified sales opportunities. In 2021, she was ML’s first ever Diamond Award recipient. This continues the tradition she started at IBM where she exceeded sales goals in 12 of her 14 years, including twice receiving IBM’s Top Sales Award for achieving greater than 126% of quota.  

Jennifer is a member of the Mayo Clinic’s National Health Advisors Committee, providing her opinion on healthcare and the technology that supports it. She is also an avid football and tennis fan. 

"One of our first steps when building out a plan for a client is to identify the right people to engage.  We connect the dots from everybody we talk with to identify the right people to focus on in each target account. And, because we have done our homework to fully understand our clients’ offerings, we can readily pivot to fine tune or change our messaging to find the right one that resonates with the person we have engaged."
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