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Turn Outbound Sales and Marketing into a Revenue Generation Advantage

Outbound Sales and Marketing is Not Dead (but the outdated process of single-touch cold-calling sure is)

 In December, many companies are (and should be) looking ahead and deciding where best to focus their sales and marketing efforts for the coming year. If they have been experiencing diminished success reaching prospects, the question of whether outbound selling is dead often comes up.  

The answer is probably no, especially if you haven’t dusted off your outbound strategy in a while. You just need to modernize your approach and incorporate new and improved techniques. 

Breathe Some New Life into Your Outbound Selling Efforts 

At ML, we believe that outbound selling is an effective technique for reaching and engaging prospects. This is especially true if your sales are complex and involve connecting with the C-suite.  

They and other senior executives are becoming increasingly difficult to engage. 

To be successful, you must be intentional in your efforts.  

Our Strategic Outbound Sales Playbook provides four steps to revive your outbound efforts and turn them into a sales advantage. 

Four Steps to Strategic Outbound Selling 

Step 1: Build a B2B Prospect List of Qualified Leads Through Personalized Outreach.

A typical prospect list only reflects about 70% of your total addressable market. Our tips will help you build a complete list of the right decision-makers at the right companies and ensure your team is focused where the most opportunity exists.  

Step 2: Create Relevant Email Messaging, Call Frameworks, and Great Content.

Carefully craft your outreach materials to reflect relevant issues and provide value to your prospect. This will build trust and compel them to take your call ahead of your competition.  

Step 3: Pro-Actively Follow up to Engage and Convert.

How many touchpoints does it take to convert a prospect to a sales meeting? The answer is more than you probably think. But there are ways to speed up the process. 

Step 4: Set Goals, Measure Results, and Report Outcomes.

A data-driven approach to outbound sales will allow you to track the success of your programs throughout the year (not just in December). Your data will confirm that what you are doing is working, or if it’s not, signal when a pivot is in order. 

And Just Like That, Your Outbound Sales and Marketing Strategy is a Sales Advantage 

We hope our new Playbook will inspire you to review your current outbound process and make it as targeted and data driven as possible. Do that well and you will have an effective process that will open doors and increase booked appointments. 

If you have any questions about outbound selling, or feedback about the Playbook reach out to any member of the ML team or leave a comment below. 


Thanks for reading! 




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Michelle Haarde
Michelle Haarde
As Vice President of Client Services, Michelle is a master of strategy with expertise in testing new markets and refining messaging to drive results. She is a 15-year sales and marketing veteran and joined MarketLauncher in 2012.

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