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Blog Posts on B2B Prospecting (2)

B2B Prospecting | Ideas and Insights Designed to Fuel Your Revenue Generation Efforts (2)

B2B Prospecting (2) Posts

Rice vs. Wheat: Why Strategic Outbound Sales is Different Than Cold Calling
Traditional outbound sales is ineffective. Strategic Outbound Sales should function like a rice paddy -- “It all depends on hard work and fertilizer.”
ML Becomes a HubSpot Certified Platinum Partner & Databox Premier Partner
We’re thrilled to start the new year as a HubSpot Certified Platinum Partner and Databox Premier Partner.
Frictionless Selling: How it’s Changing B2B Prospecting
As a HubSpot Sales Partner, we’re applying the Frictionless Selling framework to B2B prospecting in order to create a better buying experience.  
4 Sales Email Techniques to Help You Break Through the Noise
Over 293 billion emails are sent worldwide each day. Learn how to stand out in your prospect's inbox with these tried-and-true sales email writing tips.
The One That Didn't Get Away: Prospect Outreach Creates Closed Sales
Ever been stood up in a sales meeting? Don’t assume your prospect isn’t interested. CEO Lara Triozzi explains on the blog.
15 years of B2B prospecting & lead development
As MarketLauncher celebrates 15 years of B2B prospecting and lead development success, CEO and founder Lara Triozzi looks back on the company’s growth.
9 Sales Development Strategies
Generating sales development activity is laborious. Follow these sales development strategies to become more effective.
The One-Way Dialogue in Outreach Marketing
Even if you think your outreach marketing is ineffective, a consistent one-way dialogue can result in a closed sale. Learn more on the blog.
Five Tips for Successful Lead Generation Campaigns
We dive into our top five tips for an effective lead generation campaign, based on our own success at MarketLauncher. More on the blog.
The Evolution of B2B Prospecting
B2B prospecting tools and methods are evolving rapidly and won’t slow down anytime soon. Here’s how ML has adapted over the past few years.