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The Art and Science of B2B Prospecting

Ideas and Insights Designed to Fuel Your Revenue Generation Efforts (11)

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Telecommuting — Why It Works
Is there a way to make telecommuting a win-win? We at MarketLauncher believe there is. In fact, we’ve built our business on the very idea.
The Importance of Company Core Values
Your company’s core values can directly impact your success. On the blog we share how MarketLauncher’s core values have shaped decisions for over a decade.
Re-Engagement Strategy: Close More Sales
Companies often lack a re-engagement strategy. But if you don’t pay attention to leads in the middle of the funnel, competitors will steal them away.
A Predictable Model for Forecasting Revenue
Revenue forecasting is a critical part of any growth strategy. Here’s what to measure to build a model that more predictably forecasts new sales revenue.
Best Practices for Lead Nurturing
Any company can craft a lead nurturing strategy for regular outreach to potential buyers. Our philosophy is simple: formulate a consistent, planned approach.
Email Prospecting vs Email Content Marketing
Do you have a clear strategy for distinguishing between email activity as a form of prospecting versus marketing? Each can help you achieve different results.
Measure & Improve Client Satisfaction
Client satisfaction surveys provide an excellent opportunity to improve your business process and better understand client needs to improve retention and spend.
Digital Marketing Strategy & B2B Prospecting
The organic build toward integrating digital marketing strategy with targeted prospecting had led to an increase in output and ROI for companies. Here's why.