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ML Becomes a HubSpot Certified Platinum Partner & Databox Premier Partner

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HubSpot and Databox have transformed the way we connect our clients with the right opportunities, and we’re thrilled to start the new year as a HubSpot Certified Platinum Partner and Databox Premier Partner. These tools give us visibility and help us automate our processes and see numbers quickly so we can efficiently pivot when needed.

As a leading growth platform, HubSpot’s Sales Hub empowers our team to develop leads and turn them into sales-ready prospects. From sales workflows and email sequences to custom pipeline management, it gives us the ability to organize, track, and grow our clients’ businesses with ease. After two years mastering HubSpot’s sales enablement capabilities, our status as Platinum partner means that we can now share our expertise with a wider audience and deliver more value as we take advantage of their extensive tools and resources 

Meanwhile, we use Databox and its integration with HubSpot to transform KPIs into meaningful insights on helpful dashboards. Databox combines multiple data sources in one place and in real time to keep us on top of the most important business metrics, so we can know where to apply people and process to book more appointments and close more deals 

Stay tuned for practical tips on how you can use HubSpot to automate your outreach, move leads through your pipeline, and get closer to your target audience.  



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