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Webinar: What To Do When Unforeseen Events Affect Your Lead Pipeline



Every industry has been impacted by the recent global healthcare crisis, and for companies who were relying on tech conferences and travel plans to attract new clients, this can mean a major blow to their sales pipelines. 

We brought together four members of the MarketLauncher leadership team for a discussion about how companies can develop a last-minute strategy to uncover new business opportunities and get back on track to meet sales goals. We call it the Diamond Approach, with four elements focused on: Strategy, Process, Messaging, and Reporting. 

We're also answering questions that our clients have been asking, like: 

  • What are the best sources for building contact lists?
  • If I can't meet a prospect in person, how do I keep the relationship moving forward?
  • As my target buyers' needs change rapidly, how do I address their challenges in a mindful way and keep my sales reps aligned on the same message?
  •  What's the best way to make sure my sales people are tracking to goal while we work from different locations? 

In this recorded webinar we share insights from our predictable model that you can use to help mitigate the impact of unforeseen events and power up your lead generation strategy.

If you need additional support behind your outreach, MarketLauncher is here to help. As part of our new Sales Launcher offering, we set up the four elements of the Diamond Approach to help your in-house team achieve more success.


Click here to download the presentation version of this webinar. 


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MarketLauncher Team
MarketLauncher Team
Our vision is to be the first choice of CEOs looking to build a predictable growth model. We’ve got the know-how to strategically apply a consultative approach to lead prospecting that accelerates growth for B2B companies even as buyer behavior changes.

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