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As a performance based organization, MarketLauncher takes a comprehensive approach to helping our clients achieve their strategic growth goals. Our pricing, our compensation plans, and our success stories are all focused on how our performance impacts our client, ensuring a true ROI on every partnership with ML.

“I recommend ML whenever I have an opportunity! We are getting good results and they are a great asset to complement any sales team. ML is consistently delivering on if not exceeding our expectations. They are professional and responsive and their results have really helped impact our business growth strategy.”

President, Global Business Communication and Learning Solutions

ML provides business development expertise that positions our clients to consistently penetrate their target markets – current, new and future – for the purpose of identifying new business or to answer key strategic questions about growth opportunities.

Working with a firm like ML ensures that the market is consistently mined for critical information needed to identify new business opportunities, while the client’s sales and executive teams focus on closing deals and delivering their core service.

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Some extraordinary people with an array of talents make up the ML team.

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