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Establishing a Beachhead in Key Markets and Growing Revenue Through Expansion

Client: Developer of a remote patient monitoring solution
Services: Market Development/Lead Generation Services

Digital Healthcare Remote Patient Monitoring

Market Development/Lead Generation Services

The Client 

Developer of a remote patient monitoring solution

The Challenge

Establish a beachhead in key geographic markets and grow revenue through ongoing expansion.

The Solution

ML’s extensive experience in the healthcare space and expertise in engaging the c-suite caused this client to retain us to support their launch strategy. ML designed an initial pilot project to establish a predictable sales forecast model. The initial pilot focused on lead generation in a single city. The results established the forecasting baseline and extrapolated a timeline for market expansion. The pilot project was successful, exceeding all benchmark objectives. In addition, insights uncovered through our outreach provided additional value in helping the client understand the market landscape and appetite for their solution among the providers they were targeting.

Our client was recently acquired by a major healthcare provider dedicated to improving how patients and providers experience healthcare around the globe. This acquisition was partly due to this project’s success in establishing an appetite in the new markets they support and their predictable expansion model.

ML Services Provided

  • Conduct Market Research in each new geography to identify practices that fit the client’s Ideal Client Profile. 
  • Establish a dialogue with decision-makers to collect market intelligence and establish interest in further discussion with our client. 
  • Book appointments for the client’s sales team. 
  • Collect and share market intelligence, especially competitive insights, through HubSpot and regular reporting.

Program Results & ROI

Specific to the focus markets:

  • Met (and often exceeded) monthly goals for meetings set. 
  • Uncovered competitive intelligence, including emerging as well as long-standing competitors.
  • Validated markets, practices, and personas that afforded the best opportunities, pivoting messaging and outreach strategies based on our findings.
  • Identified areas for improvement in our client’s sales strategy and provided recommendations for resolution.

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