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Reviving a Dormant Referral Program

Client: Medical Alert Service Provider
Services: Lead Development/Referral Program

Medical Device Company 

Lead Development Referral Program

The Challenge 

Re-activate dormant referral contacts. 

The Solution 

Our client has a strong referral network program but began to see a portion of the network going dormant and was looking for ways to re-energize it while also introducing new stakeholders to their product.  

MarketLauncher (ML) was chosen to help because of our extensive experience in the healthcare industry and proven ability to engage senior executives and nurture them to new opportunities.  

We designed and conducted a four-month outreach campaign focused on healthcare professionals with a large patient population in their existing referral network. The project also identified net new prospects that we rolled into the target audience. 

Our client’s investment in this project and ML resulted in higher than-expected outcomes. 

ML Services Provided 

  • Data managers conducted an initial cleanse of the list of referrers provided by the client.  
  • ML’s seasoned professionals engaged with contacts by phone to validate contact information and referral status. 
  • Referral Kits were sent out by the client, and the ML team conducted phone-follow up to revive dormant accounts.  
  • The ML team collected market intel to help the client better understand potential opportunities, competitive intelligence, needs, and obstacles. 

Program Results & ROI 

  • Personal engagement with the target audience resulted in net new referrers, an unexpected but welcome benefit. 
  • Intel was uncovered that confirmed healthcare providers will provide referrals but require supporting materials. 
  • We were able to provide estimates on the total potential market share based on the intel collected from those currently recommending our client and intel concerning their competitors.  
  • We helped identify areas for improvement in our client’s outreach and engagement strategy and provided recommendations for resolution. 

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