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Engineering Firm's Best Opportunities for Growth

Engineering Firm Market Assessment Services

The Client 

Full-Service Infrastructure Engineering Firm

The Challenge

Our client required a geographic market comparison to help them determine which market represented their best opportunity for growth and what factors needed to be considered when crafting their go-to-market strategy.

The Solution

ML used a 4-step process that resulted in an in-depth report that provided a roadmap to show where the best market opportunity was for our client to focus their resources.

ML Services Provided:

  • Define DOT and Engineering firm executive outreach lists for each of the 3 markets
  • Understand target market needs
  • Gain competitive insights
  • Evaluate level of brand awareness
  • Explore appetite for new business

Program Results and ROI

  • Established awareness of our client’s brand in each of the markets and awareness level of those firms who were familiar with our client’s brand
  • Uncovered areas with the most opportunity for new business, vendor selection criteria and funding sources
  • Gained insights into competitors including their strengths and weaknesses
  • Identified areas where gaps exist that our client could fill and made recommendations to help them pursue the opportunities


Download the full story to learn:

  • Interview execution process
  • Types of questions addressed
  • Examples of intelligence collected
  • Data analysis and reporting provided
  • Examples of competitive and business development opportunities uncovered