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Building a Predictable Sales Pipeline to Accelerate a Go-To-Market Strategy

Services: Lead Development

How One Company Accelerated Their Go-to-Market Strategy and Secured a Positive Return for their Investors

To successfully penetrate a competitive market at an accelerated pace, companies today must generate sales to build their presence and establish a return on investment.

At MarketLauncher, we’ve helped numerous clients do precisely that, including one of America’s first and most innovative providers of fleet management technology and services. Living up to our name, we launched a high-velocity campaign to build a qualified and predictable sales pipeline, and the number of sales meetings with high-level decision-makers skyrocketed.

These meetings led directly to closed deals and rapid acceleration into the mid-market. As a result, our client attracted the attention of a strategic buyer and was acquired by Verizon Connect (previously Telogis).

In this MarketLauncher case study you’ll discover how we:

  • Helped the client close a $5 million deal, the largest in its history
  • Created a qualified sales pipeline of new sales opportunities
  • Secured over 500 meetings for the sales team
  • Provided data analytics which helped the client achieve a consistent close rate of 33%

Whether you’re an innovative start-up, a company backed by investors, or a business looking to expand, the ML team knows how to get things off the ground. Talk to MarketLauncher and we’ll help you get to market fast.

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