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Client Stories | Technology / Software | Win / Loss Analysis

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Win/Loss Analysis , B2B Software
Client Stories | Technology / Software | Win / Loss Analysis

ML Helps Technology / Software Company Maintain High Level of Client Satisfaction & Stay Ahead of the Competition by Conducting Win/Loss Analysis for 10+ Years

The Client:

Technology / Software Company

The Challenge:

Our client is dedicated to ensuring a high level of service to their clients and protecting against competitive threats. They understand that interviews with both new clients as well as lost prospects result in a well-rounded series of observations and provide invaluable insights to help them maintain client satisfaction and improve internal processes and their product offering.

The Solution:

MarketLauncher (ML) has been providing ongoing win/loss analysis on a quarterly basis for this client since 2010, interviewing new clients as well as lost prospects and providing year over year comparisons so that trends can be identified, observations benchmarked, and improvements actioned, implemented and monitored. 

ML Services Provided:

  • Identify strengths and weaknesses
  • Capture competitive intelligence
  • Help improve the sales/marketing process
  • Influence product and services road maps
  • Improve positioning for future new business wins
  • Impact client retention and/or satisfaction

Program Results & ROI:

  • Obtain insights into our client’s as well as their competitors’ strengths and weaknesses
  • Expand our client’s understanding of decision criteria and market perception including the level of importance of pricing and functionality on the decision process
  • Gain product functionality insights that will impact product road map
  • Identify weaknesses in the sales cycle and make recommendations for improvement

Would you like to take a deeper dive into this case study?

DOWNLOAD the full story to learn:

  • Interview execution process
  • Types of questions addressed
  • Examples of intelligence collected, from both a Win and Loss perspective
  • Data analysis and reporting
  • Examples of actual interviewee commentary and feedback