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Exceeding Sales Goals with Prospecting and Lead Generation Support

Client: Advertising technology platform
Services: Lead Development

Advertising Technology Leader Achieves 174% of Goal for Sales-Ready Leads with MarketLauncher

The Client 

Advertising technology platform for brand advertisers and publishers.

The Challenge

Our client was looking to grow significantly. They needed to ramp up sales and marketing support fast and were searching for external professionals who had the expertise to identify their target market and personas, develop and move sales leads through the funnel, and convert leads to new opportunities.

The Solution

ML was chosen to create personas, build a validated target account list and craft a multi-touchpoint engagement plan with compelling messaging that would convert prospects to sales ready leads.

ML worked with the client’s existing target list and appended it using external data sources to identify those target accounts that would have a need for the client’s services, and the right individuals within each account to engage. A variety of challenge-focused messaging was created (personalized for each persona) and a multi-touch engagement plan created and rolled out.

ML Services Provided:

  • Define target market and buyer personas
  • Develop and move sales leads through the funnel
  • Collect intel to measure market appetite
  • Convert leads to new opportunities

Program Results and ROI

  • The number of appointments booked exceeded the forecasted goals every month. 
  • Four new contracts were signed within the first six months. 
  • 34% of the prospects who were engaged, booked an appointment, for a total of 40 meetings on a forecast of 23; 174% of forecast! 
  • The email engagement rate was an average of 33%, more than double ML’s average across similar accounts. 

Next Steps

The results of the initial pilot were so successful, our client has expanded the project to include additional accounts and engaged us to continue our outreach and development of the original list. They have invested in a variety of new digital assets to support our efforts, and are integrating our processes as “best practices” into corporate marketing activities. We are also creating a program to re-engage former leads from all past sales programs our client has completed (including our pilot) to uncover new opportunities.

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  • What the engagement plan included and what activities and messaging performed best
  • How data informed sales lead flow
  • Performance by persona title
  • How referrals were leveraged
  • Email outreach performance metrics
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