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Improving the Accuracy of Market Assessments by Listening to the Voice of the Customer

Client: Global leader in risk analysis, compliance, and cyber security
Industry: Specialty
Services: Voice of the Customer

The Challenge

Our client wanted to address better the evolving needs of its customer base-- existing and future. The results help them stay ahead of the competition, and the intel collected helps them save time, effort, and money by challenging assumptions and adjusting plans based on feedback.

The Solution

The ML team interviews a segment of our client’s customer base each quarter to gain insight into the services they are receiving. The interviews uncover the customers’ insights and feedback on emerging needs and trends in the market. We engage through phone and email outreach and schedule interviews that are conducted in person by an ML Executive Interviewer. Responses are collected verbatim. A final report is then delivered containing these verbatim responses and our analysis of trends and insights uncovered. These insights include strengths, areas for improvement, competitive intel, and other significant learnings. 

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