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Mary Alice Renners

Data Manager


At the end of the day, Mary Alice feels a sense of accomplishment when she’s had an impact on a company’s business growth.


While she has worked in multi-faceted roles at MarketLauncher, Mary Alice's current role as a Data Manager is where she feels she has had the most impact. Her position requires harnessing and interpreting data, recognizing patterns, and providing actionable insight. 

As an integral part of MarketLauncher’s EMEA team, she is a huge asset to the international new business efforts for client programs. In addition, in her current role as a Data Analyst with the firm, Mary Alice also significantly contributes to account team support by providing high level expertise in areas such as strategic list and database development and client reporting and metrics.

Mary Alice lives in Germany with her husband and her three daughters. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, traveling and spending time with her family.

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