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Request a Sample Account Based Marketing Report

Developing qualified leads from the funnel is getting a lot trickier. Outreach that isn’t focused on the right buyers can result in discouraging rejections, and sales pipelines that underperform.

MarketLauncher worked with a well-known leader in corporate learning to develop an Account Based Marketing approach focused on personalized outreach to a clearly defined addressable market, leaving Sales Directors to focus on what they do best: close sales with top priority accounts.

In this case study example, you’ll see how we converted 26% of the client’s target accounts into sales meetings. We’ll walk you through every step of the process, including:

  • Qualifying leads and moving them to sales opportunities by following a systematic lead development process
  • Organizing account-based efforts by touchpoints and engagement
  • Building a responsive audience over a two year year period
  • Monitoring conversion rates and sales performance

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