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MarketLauncher’s core methodologies for business development are designed around capturing and analyzing market intelligence, as well as assessing the needs within a potential target market.

Our market research capabilities, combined with access to a number of renowned research resources, position the MarketLauncher team as a unique choice for companies looking to explore new growth opportunities.

In addition to secondary research, the MarketLauncher team also conducts interview campaigns designed to capture critical market intelligence for strategic decision making. 

Our Market Research Services Include:

  • Understanding customer & potential customer objectives
  • Assessing the market’s needs, pain points, drivers
  • Gaining competitive insights
  • Exploring market appetite and pricing strategies
  • Evaluating brand awareness
  • Identifying potential partnerships
  • Exploring new growth verticals or geographies
  • Assessing market viability and potential

MarketLauncher provides Market Assessment reports to assist clients in answering key questions related to growth strategies while simultaneously identifying new business opportunities.

By using the MarketLauncher team to conduct initial research, our clients are able to obtain critical information while sales and executive teams focus on delivering their core service.

Market Research Case Studies

Launching a new service offering

MarketLauncher helped a government, risk and compliance software provider launch their Sarbanes-Oxley solution. The pilot program focused on gathering market intelligence to allow this venture-backed firm to establish a viable forecast and better understand the competitive landscape. Simultaneous to the market research effort, the pilot program was designed to identify immediate opportunities and convert to sales appointments. As a result of the market assessment, the client set a two-year forecast, and MarketLauncher continued to pursue this finite market until the team had reached over 60% of the total viable prospects. 

Expanding into new markets

MarketLauncher helped a leading architectural design firm increase their penetration of the Fortune 1000 market outside their previous Midwest based geographic scope. A program was designed to target prospective companies in various regions, identify appropriate decision makers and secure introductory meetings for the client to present a capabilities overview.

Market assessment for new service offering

MarketLauncher conducted an assessment to evaluate market readiness for an engineering firm’s proposed construction advisory services. Interviews were conducted with 35% of the market, and data was gathered and analyzed to provide a comprehensive market assessment, including recommendations and strategies for bringing the service offering to market.

Accelerate into new markets

MarketLauncher helped a global engineering consultancy and software provider to the electric utility industry kick start their release of a new product offering and secured appointments for the sales team. In addition, the MarketLauncher collected data from the market to help the client forecast future sales potential. A market assessment report was produced to provide details from the pilot effort to help determine what kind of scenarios were best linked to potential interest in the client’s new product offering.

Expanding into the federal government market

A civil engineering firm was looking to proactively grow their Federal contract opportunities. MarketLauncher was hired to identify the following: agencies that hired civil engineers; how the contracting process was executed; key decision makers within each agency's branches/divisions/locations; and upcoming opportunities. Through extensive research, MarketLauncher built a comprehensive list of target agencies and contacts within each office. Interviews were conducted to gather market intelligence. An eighty-four page “How the Federal Government hires Civil Engineers” was developed that included immediate opportunities identified in addition to an outline of longer-term strategies.

Geographic expansion

When an Orlando-based civil engineering firm began to consider a geographic expansion, MaketLauncher conducted a comprehensive assessment of the public and private sector to provide the client with key indicators relative to growth in selected markets. Based on the comprehensive market assessment provided by MarketLauncher, the client began  seeking an acquisition in a targeted area.

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