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MarketLauncher collects intel from your buyers to help identify strengths and weaknesses in your sales process.

Our Win/Loss analysis uses data that our team has collected directly from your buyers and prospects.  It helps you understand why your sales team is securing or losing deals, your company’s position in the marketplace, and how your offering compares to your competitors.

The MarketLauncher Win/Loss Analysis Methodology

MarketLauncher’s proven Win/Loss Analysis methodology evaluates business development wins and losses to understand why specific decision makers or companies chose to buy or not buy, identify areas for opportunity, and gather intelligence on lost bids to strengthen future positioning.

Through our comprehensive program, we gather the actionable intelligence our clients need to make decisions regarding process, product offering, pricing and messaging/positioning — all while creating a customer-service oriented first or last impression.

Our Win/Loss evaluation accomplishes the following:

  • Identifies strengths to build upon
  • Pinpoints weaknesses
  • Captures competitive intelligence
  • Identifies opportunities for new product development
  • Helps to solidify client relationships
  • Improves the sales/marketing process
  • Provides insight into effective sales/marketing collateral
  • Improves positioning for future new business wins
  • Influences client retention and/or satisfaction

Find out how our win/loss experts can help grow your business.

How Win/Loss Analysis Is Helping Our Clients

Impacting company growth

MarketLauncher works with a leading construction industry, software solutions provider. For the past several years, the MarketLauncher team has conducted interviews with won and lost sales opportunities. The in-depth evaluation allows the client’s sales, marketing and product teams to meet each year and turn key learnings into future action plans that impact company growth.

Identifying company-wide initiatives

ML implemented an ongoing win/loss evaluation program on behalf of an auditing firm. Each year, the ML team interviewed all recent new client wins and losses, aggregating all of the key findings into market intelligence reports which compared and contrasted each year’s data. 

The client used these results to establish new annual initiatives designed to impact brand perception and new business acquisition rates.