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Voice of the Customer Services

Market Research

Capture and analyze market intelligence to assess the needs of your target market​

Our Market Research Services are Designed to Provide Actionable Intel

  • Assess your market’s needs, pain points, and drivers.
  • Gain competitive insights.
  • Explore market appetite and pricing strategies.
  • Evaluate brand awareness.
  • Identify potential partnerships.
  • Explore new growth verticals or geographies.
  • Understand market viability and potential.
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A La Carte Services

Preliminary and In-Depth Geographic Market Comparisons and Analysis

​MarketLauncher can help you determine which markets afford the best opportunity before you invest. We can then help you build out a list of key accounts (public and private) within those markets and obtain the intel you need based on your project. Our team will engage, collect data, report on compiled insights, and create account profiles. How deep do you want to go?

  • Projects can take as little as thirty days.
  • Strategy sessions are included in every ML program.
  • Critical competitive intel is shared to keep you one step ahead.
  • Multiple data sources are employed and include uncovering “intent to buy” signals.

What is End-to-End Strategic Outbound?

Learn how our services work together to build a predictable sales pipeline for you.
End-to-End Outbound
MarketLauncher team members collaborating

Market Research That Helps You Define Your Total Addressable Market

MarketLauncher helped a government, risk, and compliance software provider launch its Sarbanes-Oxley solution. The pilot program focused on gathering market intelligence to establish a viable forecast and better understand the competitive landscape.

As a result of the market assessment, the client set a two-year forecast, and we continued to pursue this finite market until the team had gotten the client in front of 60% of the total addressable market.

Allison Nakagawa
"As part of our process we help our clients understand the full scope of their target audience. We tap into resources to identify the right targets based on industry, size, and other metrics. The data I surface provides clients a micro-view into their total addressable market. This customized research and the actionable data points I uncover help drive strategy.”
Allison Nakagawa, Senior Data Manager, Joined ML in July 2021
MarketLauncher team members collaborating
“When momentum matters and your knowledge of the market is uncertain, MarketLauncher is the perfect choice. There is no better firm to launch a product or move into a new market. There is no better firm to target the C-suite. There is no better firm in the country. Despite any market challenges, they generate momentum rapidly!”​
Partner, Investment Management Company​

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