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Additional Sales Support Services

Special Support for Startups​

MarketLauncher’s focus on process and obsession with metrics accelerates your go-to-market strategy.

Firms Funded by Investors Have a Critical Need for Two Things ​

  1. Penetrating the market at an accelerated pace. ​
  2. Market data to help make strategic decisions. ​

Learn how to accelerate your go-to-market strategy.

Kati, Michelle, and Lara
Kati, Michelle, and Lara

Creating Value that Led to Dozens of Additional Projects

MarketLauncher provided support to a Service Network Solutions company to gain share in a key market sector. The program’s success helped attract the attention of a private equity firm and led to a merger with the world’s leading Service Lifecycle Management firm. The VP of Sales on the project moved to a senior position with an investment management company and has since brought ML in to assist on more than a dozen new projects.


What is End-to-End Strategic Outbound?

Learn how our services work together to build a predictable sales pipeline for you.
End-to-End Outbound

Account Based Selling Meets Account Based Marketing

For over two decades, ML has helped clients create strategic account based selling programs that maximize the effectiveness of sales initiatives. However, many of our clients also require help with their account based marketing programs. We’ve teamed up with several marketing agencies over the years and have learned that the best results come when you can align your sales and marketing. The benefits include faster access to senior executives and a more predictable pipeline.
“My experience with ML is that they have the expertise to build a qualified pipeline. Their work allows us to cast a wider net and instantly create more sales bandwidth.”
Consultant focused on building value in mid-market private equity owned firms

Dyan Klein
Dyan Klein
Vice President of Business Development
Joined ML in March 2009

MarketLauncher Accelerated This Client’s Go-to-Market Strategy, Creating a Healthy Sales Pipeline that Impacted Their Acquisition​​

Within 18 months of a project designed to bring a new product to market, MarketLauncher reached 48% of the total identified market and secured 192 new business meetings for our client’s sales team. ​​

We accelerated their go-to-market strategy, creating $28.8M in sales pipeline, which helped gain the attention of buyers and supported their acquisition by Wolters Kluwer.​​

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