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Win/Loss Analysis

Gather actionable intelligence including competitive insights to better understand why your customers buy from you (or not) and make informed decisions on product offering, pricing and market positioning.

A Win/Loss Analysis Collects Data Directly from Your Buyers and Lost Prospects

  • Identify strengths to exploit and weaknesses to improve. ​
  • Capture competitive intelligence. ​
  • Identify opportunities for new services or product development. ​
  • Solidify relationships with new clients. ​
  • Improve sales and marketing processes. ​
  • Influence client retention and / or satisfaction.​
Mary Alice
Mary Alice

What is End-to-End Strategic Outbound?

Learn how our services work together to build a predictable sales pipeline for you.
End-to-End Outbound

Influencing Company-Wide Initiatives ​

ML implemented an ongoing win/loss evaluation program on behalf of an auditing firm. Each year, the ML team interviewed all recent new client wins and losses, aggregating all of the key findings into market intelligence reports which compared and contrasted each year’s data. ​

​The client used these results to establish new annual initiatives to impact brand perception and new business acquisition rates.

Mariana Loboguerrero
Mariana Loboguerrero
Senior Market Research Specialist – Executive Interviewer
Joined ML in February 2009

“I conduct interviews for our clients sometimes as an extension of their team, and sometimes as an objective third party. While both means are very effective, I find that contacts are much more willing to share information with me in the second instance. ​​

“Either way, the key to making the interviewee comfortable and facilitate sharing is to engage them in a conversational style.”​

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