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Additional Sales Support Services

Event Marketing ​Support​

Better leverage your event and trade show investment​.

Take a More Strategic Approach to Events​

  • Create and execute client-hosted events and webinars to increase awareness, secure attendees and convert participants to new opportunities.​
  • Develop messaging for pre-and post-event communication that supports selling efforts.​
  • Create mailing and invitation lists that ensure attendance by your target market.​
  • Secure meetings in tandem with your attendance at 3rd party events and trade shows.
Shari and Stephanie
Shari and Stephanie
Brooke Castino

Inviting The “Real” Decision-Makers to Digital Events

A large multi-media conglomerate was about to release a major study to the retail banking industry. Despite releasing this study annually, the client had never been able to penetrate mid-market companies, which they saw as a key opportunity for growth. ​

MarketLauncher developed and executed a program in seven business days to capitalize on an upcoming webinar. The program was designed to build and verify a list of 300 contacts with purchasing power. ​

The result was the highest attended webinar in company history PLUS immediate sales opportunities generated with interested prospects.

Brooke Castino
Tony Norton
Tony Norton
Senior Hybrid Specialist
Joined ML: September 2006

Reap the Full Value of Your Trade Show and Event Investment

For businesses that rely on an event strategy as an integral part of their integrated marketing effort, ensuring a high return on investment is paramount. ​​MarketLauncher works with our clients to develop strategies to maximize their investment in events in a way that supports their business development efforts.

A La Carte Services

Event Lead Development and Follow-Up Support

Let MarketLauncher increase the ROI on your next tradeshow or conference. ​

  • Our most successful programs start at least 60 days prior to an event with attendee lists with a minimum of 200 contacts.​
  • ML coordinates meetings, manages client-hosted events, develops pre- and post-event communications, and ensures you engage with your exact target market at the event and beyond.
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What is End-to-End Strategic Outbound?

Learn how our services work together to build a predictable sales pipeline for you.
End-to-End Outbound
Additional Resources
MarketLauncher provides support in areas where you need additional bandwidth or special expertise to impact revenue growth.​​
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