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Request a Sample Win/Loss Analysis Report

Ongoing win/loss analysis is an essential part of any sales operations plan, but it takes systematic outreach and objective data analysis to get the most value.  

This sample report shows a real-world example of an annual assessment that MarketLauncher provides for a niche-industry SaaS provider in finance and operations. This win/loss analysis has helped our client accelerate their growth strategy by identifying the actions which have the most impact on wins, and how/where to impact preference to decrease lost opportunities.

In this sample win/loss report, you’ll see:

  • An overall summary of the themes and observations that form a snapshot of our key learnings.
  • Direct quotes and data from interviewees that shed light on areas of weakness, and key points of differentiation between our client and its competitors.
  • A thorough analysis of loss interviews with key recommendations for the future.

Interested in seeing a snapshot into MarketLauncher’s process and how we provide actionable data for our clients? Access the sample report by completing this brief form.

Download the Report