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Converting leads to sales meetings is all about talking to the right decision makers at the right time with the right messaging.

MarketLauncher helped a fast growing, award-winning provider of fleet performance tracking software get in front of more potential buyers with a targeted lead generation strategy. Our goal was to raise awareness about our client’s product and secure more appointments for the sales executives by expanding into new accounts.

Through personalized outreach, we built up an audience of qualified buyers in the marketplace. This sample report shares the details of the progress achieved over a 12-month period:

  • A list of 3,500 decision makers were verified and entered the first stage of the lead funnel
  • 700+ (20%) MQLs (marketing qualified leads) were created and moved deeper into the lead funnel
  • 8% of the MQLs were converted to a sales meeting
  • 60% of  sales meetings became Opportunities in the sales pipeline
  • 24% of the Opportunities in the sales pipeline have closed to date representing over $1 million in new revenue
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