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MarketLauncher specializes in prospecting with a consultative approach.

MarketLauncher helps firms identify new business opportunities, develop profiles on target accounts, gauge the market appetite for new offerings, expand geographically and collect intel to better understand market needs.

We Drive Business Development Activity for a Variety of Professional Services Clients

  • We help a firm that specializes in performance improvement training solutions target key verticals in Hospital, Pharma/Medical Device and Insurance industries to impact their desire to achieve deeper penetration in top tier companies.
  • We worked with a “soft skills” patient support solutions provider to contact key hospitals and hospital systems on a national basis to introduce their service offering. MarketLauncher gathered intelligence for positioning, pricing strategies and refinement of the service offering, in addition to identifying prequalified business development opportunities.
  • An organizational and operational consulting firm worked with MarketLauncher to launch a go-to-market strategy aimed at pharmacetical and medical device manufacturers contemplating Six Sigma/Lean implementations. The program required in depth needs assessments and communication of very conceptual, sophisticated messages. 
  • MarketLauncher worked with a global provider of specialty tax services, managing a lead generation campaign for five regional offices, including multiple Managing Directors throughout the US and the EMEA region. The program targeted CFOs, VP of Tax, Controllers and Tax Directors. The client was looking to increase market penetration for each of the five regional offices with each having a focus on specific lines of expertise related to specialty tax services.
  • MarketLauncher worked with a global solution provider that specializes in executing comprehensive supply chain and logistics services to improve clients’ revenue, cost, sustainability and customer experience objectives. The MarketLauncher team managed a lead generation campaign with emphasis on the US and EMEA regions. The program targeted multiple sectors and decision makers in Marketing, eCommerce, Logistics, Supply Chain, Aftermarket, Contact Center, and Customer Experience.

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What Our Clients Have to Say About Our Work

“As a result of intelligence that MarketLauncher has collected and delivered, we now have a much better understanding of how the market reacts to our message, and we have made adjustments to clarify and correct our brand.”
– Vice President, Experiential Learning Services
“When momentum matters and your knowledge of the market is uncertain, MarketLauncher is the perfect choice. There is no better firm to launch a product or move into a new market.”
– Managing Partner, Business Advisory Firm