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MarketLauncher can help you implement strategic plans with a better understanding of what your client base wants and needs.

How can you know if a new service line, for example, will be successful if you don’t know what percentage of your clients will find the offering beneficial and useful?

MarketLauncher takes away the mystery by conducting Customer Quality Assessment Surveys to uncover your most profitable business opportunities. These surveys have saved our clients time, effort and money by basing strategic plans on actual customer feedback rather than on assumptions or the input of only a few of your clients.

Using our customer satisfaction surveys, you’ll be able to determine the following:

  • Client satisfaction measurements and actions that have the most impact
  • Areas of concern for your clients that need immediate action
  • The relevance of specific decision-making criteria
  • Future work prospects
  • How and where to impact preference to decrease “lost opportunity” ratios
  • Key employees to recognize for outstanding performance or to address about areas of concern
  • Favorable quotes from satisfied customers you can use in future marketing efforts

Our surveys help you conduct professional and timely one-on-one exchanges with your clients, giving you an opportunity to educate them about new service offerings, determine if a competitor is siphoning off funds, identify any quality issues that need to be addressed and, most importantly, learn about upcoming needs that you are in a unique position to fulfill.


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How Our Surveys Are Increasing Customer Satisfaction

MarketLauncher works with professional service firms and technology solution providers to make well-informed business growth decisions. Here’s how our customer satisfaction surveys have driven results for two service companies.

Better insights improve an architectural design firm’s five-year plan

MarketLauncher implemented an in-depth Client Quality Assessment survey for an architectural design firm specializing in education, healthcare and corporate interiors. The survey’s insight into the firm’s client base produced recommendations that became a critical piece in the firm’s five-year planning session.

Customer interviews provide leader in cyber security with market insight on emerging trends

MarketLauncher regularly conducts Client Quality Assessment interviews on behalf of an industry leader in cyber security. The MarketLauncher team interviews the client’s customer base to gain insight about the services being provided as well as the customer’s personal insights and feedback on emerging needs and trends.