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Explore new partnerships and maximize Value Added Reseller programs.

MarketLauncher helps companies identify new partners and business opportunities for strategic growth. Our expert team conducts in-depth research and assessments to find the most valuable avenues for expansion, particularly for organizations operating in complex or niche industries.

Finding Your Next Partner

The MarketLauncher team has helped several clients find and evaluate strategic partnerships for maximum growth.

Identifying Potential Acquisition Targets

MarketLauncher worked with a consulting firm that was pursuing an aggressive M&A strategy by identifying new target companies in various regions for a potential partnership growth opportunity based on specific criteria. A comprehensive research methodology was developed to yield the most likely target entities.

Finding a Partner with Niche Capabilities

MarketLauncher worked with a leading mid-size CPA firm looking to evaluate options for expanding their international consulting practice through acquisition/partnership. The MarketLauncher team conducted research to target key entities and conducted in-depth interviews to gain an understanding of capabilities, experience and customer base.

Validating the Reputation of a Potential Target

MarketLauncher worked with a leading, growing engineering firm to implement their growth strategy through mergers/acquisition. Through in-depth research, MarketLauncher built target lists of potential acquisition targets and assisted the firm with conducting due diligence for an M&A strategy. This included interviewing each potential target company’s past and current client base to confirm their reputation and viability.

Creating New Business Opportunities with a Value Added Reseller Program

The MarketLauncher team conducts extensive research into target markets and relevant decision makers to uncover viable business opportunities. Through lead generation, lead nurturing and appointment setting, we help companies identify and establish new business relationships.

Targeting the Fortune 500

MarketLauncher helped a financial and operational consulting firm increase their exposure to the Fortune 500 corporate finance segment for their valuation practice group. Results included a full research assessment report, which provided invaluable market intelligence and C-Level introductory meetings for the firm partners when immediate and long-term business relationship opportunities were identified.

Customizing for a Niche Industry

To promote the client’s solution, which is designed to improve operating efficiency, production scheduling, inventory management and automated order entry for a dealer network, MarketLauncher consistently worked a prospect pipeline within a niche industry. Through timely contact, MarketLauncher’s program allowed the client to introduce their offering to prospective buyers and ensure fewer missed opportunities when prospects are ready to review solutions.

Consistent Cycling to Identify Potential Clients

A highly regarded organizational and operational consulting company worked with MarketLauncher to establish an ongoing lead generation process aimed at continually identifying those companies that were contemplating quality and process improvements in their core manufacturing, healthcare and retail segments.