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Additional Sales Support Services

Sales Concierge ​Services​

Supporting your sales team through the sales process​.

Keep Your Sales Teams Focused On Higher Value Activities​

​MarketLauncher can help you better leverage your team through the entire sales process with additional back-end support that can include: ​

  • Capturing detailed notes during sales appointments ​
  • Providing feedback​
  • Updating internal systems​
  • Arranging meetings with additional stakeholders in the secondary stage of the sales process
“Our experience has been really positive. The MarketLauncher team adapted quickly, and fulfilled the roles we needed. We have shifted direction a few times and they have shifted effectively with us. We really appreciate their involvement in our meetings.”
Healthcare IT platform for clinical data curation
“Lara is the founder and CEO of MarketLauncher, the best demand generation firm I’ve worked with in my 25 years of technology sales.”
Growth Management Consultant
"MarketLauncher fit right in with our sales team and our marketing agency. They take work off the plate of our sales team so they can focus on higher value tasks.​ And MarketLauncher's experience and willingness to share ideas has led to new projects and processes that have proved quite successful!"
Healthcare IT platform for clinical data curation 
Heidi Hacker
Heidi Hacker
Senior Sales Development Specialist
Joined ML in March 2014

Managing Sales Opportunities Through the Entire Life Cycle​​

Sales Concierge is one of our newest offerings. We built it to support clients who didn't have the resources to manage the administrative flow of a sales deal from start to finish.​​

The ML team is adept at seamlessly integrating into client teams to provide the additional support they need. ​​

Because our team members have deep sales experience, it's a familiar role and so we don't require much prep.​​​​​​

What is End-to-End Strategic Outbound?

Learn how our services work together to build a predictable sales pipeline for you.
End-to-End Outbound
Additional Resources
MarketLauncher provides support in areas where you need additional bandwidth or special expertise to impact revenue growth.​
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