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Voice of the Customer

Ebook Cover

Are you listening to your customers? If not, you are missing a great opportunity to help win more business, uncover new revenue sources, validate your understanding of a market, or just plain stay plugged into an account.

“Gaining insight into each of your customer’s thoughts and views is so important, as is aggregating those responses to see where you are trending. What are the areas where you excel and delight? Where could you add focus to improve? Are there opportunities for expansion? Tracking against these benchmarks will create that continual feedback loop to fully understand how your customers feel about your company and the quality of your work.” - Erin Studstill, Vice President of Operations and Technology

Our “Voice of the Customer” brochure provides real-life examples of how our clients are successfully listening to their customers and realizing operational benefits. The scenarios shared may inspire you to engage your customers and get answers to questions that can improve your operations.

“I conduct interviews both for our clients as an extension of their team, as well as anonymously. While both means are very effective, I find that contacts are much more willing to share information with me in the second instance. Either way, the key to making the interviewee comfortable and facilitate sharing is to engage them in a conversational style.” – Mariana Loboguerrero, Sr. Market Research Specialist and Executive Interviewer


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