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The ABCD's of Account Based Selling

Ebook Cover

Account Based Selling (ABS) is invaluable in helping organizations grow revenue. ABS brings sales and marketing together to create a personalized approach to engaging high-value accounts.

“Aligning marketing and sales continues to be a key driver to revenue growth. A solid ABS program can help bring marketing and sales together to make the greatest impact.” - Mary White, COO

“The ABCD’s of ABS” covers these key areas. 

  1. The Importance of Knowing Your Audience.
  2. How to Build Trust with ABS.
  3. Best Practices to Nurture Past, Present and Future Clients.
  4. Listening to Your Data to Know When it’s Time to Pivot your Sales Approach.

Do these effectively and you will align your sales and marketing efforts and positively impact your revenue generation programs.

“You must listen to the story your data is telling to identify ways to maximize the outcomes and ensure the continuous improvement of your ABS efforts. For each client, we track about 30 standard quantitative metrics. Thanks to tools like HubSpot, we can access those metrics in seconds.” - Erin Studstill, Vice President of Operations and Technology


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