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We Challenged Our Data Managers to Improve Reporting for Clients. Here’s What Happened.

ML has grown a lot over the past year. To ensure the highest quality of service to our growing client base, ML expanded our team of Data Managers. Allison Nakagawa joined the team in July 2021, and nearly one year later, we added Peter DeBartolo. Rounding out the data management team is Mary Alice Renners, a 12-year veteran of MarketLauncher.

We purposefully chose individuals with solid data backgrounds but different and complementary experiences and strengths. Our "data dream team" proves what Aristotle famously said: "The whole is greater than the sum of its parts." 

Introducing the ML Data Dream Team

Mary Alice Renners


Key Strengths – Extensive knowledge of ML; expertise in database development and management and client reporting.

Mary Alice has been with ML since 2010 and has performed many roles. This gives her a great understanding of how each department operates. In fact, she had a role to play in developing many of our processes and policies. Her current role as a Data Manager requires that she analyze and interpret data to recognize patterns that provide actionable insight. She helps support the account team by providing high-level expertise in list and database development and client reporting and metrics.

“My role requires critical thinking, data visualization, and collaboration with the team to ensure that clients have the most accurate, clean, and robust data. Then, I take the data and turn it into a clear, concise, and compelling narrative. I enjoy interpreting the data to tell a story that helps clients make informed decisions .”

Allison Nakagawa


Key Strengths – Deep expertise in data interpretation and trend spotting; data visualization software and techniques.

Analyzing metrics and building top-notch, data-oriented reports is the key to Allison’s success as a Data Manager at ML. Her expertise in technology and reporting software enhances her natural ability to detect patterns, identify trends and communicate data-driven insights and recommendations to our clients.

“While data management is very process-oriented, you must also be flexible and open to interpreting more than just the data. Other drivers must be factored into the equation, like our client and their offerings, the industries they support, etc. Every situation is unique, and you have to keep an open mind. Don't make assumptions; look at your data through a number of different lenses .”


Peter DeBartolo


Key Strengths – An uncanny ability to view data through the lens of the client; graphical representation of data.

Peter has excellent data analysis, reporting, and project management skills. Plus, he has extensive agency experience. This gives him a unique ability to understand the client's perspective, especially what they need from the data. Peter knows how to report to the client in a way that is easy for them to understand but, more importantly, is meaningful and reflects their environment.

 “Through my expertise in analysis and reporting, I uncover the resonate narrative and empower data-driven business decisions.”

The Data Dream Team’s Challenge? Improve Client Reporting

Our team meets regularly to discuss upcoming reports and debrief on any feedback we’ve received from the Client Services team about reports that have been presented.

We were hearing some clients express confusion about how the results were being reported in the early stages of campaigns when there is a lot of activity. When we are just starting to ramp up, it can be difficult to portray progress in a meaningful way. It was time to take another look at our standard reporting templates.

At ML, one of our core values is "Improvement," so we decided to give our team a challenge to improve client reporting.

ML’s “Improvement” Core Value: The people who thrive in our environment are always looking for ways to improve and appreciate new challenges. We never rest on our laurels with our clients either – even when a client is happy, we always look for ways to improve the outcomes of our programs and how we analyze and report information.

Clearly, the challenge ignited the team’s competitive and creative juices! We expected to see 2 or 3 new reports. In just two months, the Data Managers created TWENTY! To say we were blown away would be an understatement.

Here are some examples of new elements the team created to help clients visualize progress and results:




Penetration of Total Addressable Market


Intel Collected From Conversations


This was a great exercise. The team enjoyed the opportunity to think outside the box and provide additional value to our clients who are already responding positively to the improvements to our reporting.

Our Advice to All Managers: Don't be Afraid to Challenge Your Team

The ML Data Dream Team appreciated the learning experience and the opportunity to make a difference. As a result, our clients are receiving better support. And the members of the ML Executive Leadership team are impressed to see them demonstrating our core values.

Thank you to Mary Alice, Allison, and Peter for their outstanding work. And thank YOU for reading.

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