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15 Years of MarketLauncher

In 1995 Lara Triozzi and Tricia Washington were tasked with designing a way to secure meetings with CEO’s as part of a go-to-market strategy for Inc. Magazine’s peer-group program for leaders of fast-growth companies. Based on the program’s success, company leaders began asking to replicate the process for their own B2B sales efforts. An idea that a gap existed in the marketplace began to form and MarketLauncher was founded in May 2001.

Throughout our 15 years, we’ve had several key Milestones that helped us develop into the company we are today:

February 2003 – ML Develops Expertise in Public Sector & AEC Experience

  • In 2003 ML executed our first project targeting the public/government sector.
  • ML even joined the client’s due diligence team to help assess potential acquisition targets.
  • 13 years later, ML continues to execute special projects for this client.

February 2004 – Capturing Market Share

  • In 2004 ML worked with a firm to bring a new governance, risk and compliance (GRC) management software to market enabling companies to comply with Sarbanes Oxley.
  • Within 18 months the ML team reached key executives at 48% of the total market and had secured 192 new business meetings for the client’s sales team.
  • ML was able to create high penetration in a finite market, at an accelerated pace.
  • This pulled $28.8M in potential new revenue into the Client’s sales pipeline.
  • The client gained enough presence to attract buyers, and in July 2009, were acquired by Wolters Kluwer.

March 2004 – ML Leverages Niche in Professional Services

  • In 2004 ML worked with a small firm providing contact center, simulation-based training programs for customer service, sales and coaching.
  • Today, that company is ML’s second oldest client.
  • The client has closed several multi-year deals, giving them a positive ROI on the relationship for years to come.
  • ML has provided similar services to other key players in the market including Harvard Business School Publishing, Paradigm Learning, Interaction Associates, Corporate Education Group and Kotter International.

September 2007 – ML Begins Work with a Leading Global Marketing Information Services Firm

  • In 2007 ML worked with Umbria, a “reputation tracker” which mines message boards, blogs and other sites for consumer opinion.
  • The Client was acquired by a leading global marketing information services firm in 2008.
  • Since the acquisition ML has continued the relationship delivering ongoing projects across multiple business units.

March 2008 – ML Helps Client Capture Market Share to Attract Buyer

  • In 2008 ML worked with Navtrak, a leader in mobile resource and fleet management solutions.
  • ML tracked campaign metrics so Navtrak could better understand the market and key demographics.
  • Within 2 years, Navtrak closed a $5M deal, the largest in its history, from a ML developed lead.
  • After securing a significant client base in the small to mid-size market through ML’s efforts, Navtrak was acquired by Telogis.

May 2008 – ML helps a leading Service Network Solutions (SNS) provider gain market share and attract private equity

  • In 2008 ML provided lead generation and market research to a leading Service Network Solutions (SNS) provider.
  • The core focus was to gain share in key markets such as aerospace and defense.
  • After two years, the client attracted the attention of Marlin Equity Partners and they are merged with Servigistics.

April 2010 – ML Goes Global

  • In 2010 ML expanded into Europe, offering services to clients looking to expand or increase penetration of international markets.
  • ML quickly developed expertise navigating the UK and other European markets.
  • ML worked with clients ranging from specialty tax planning and leadership development, to asset management tracking and risk management solutions.
  • In 2012 the ML team delivered a market assessment project conducted entirely in Russian.

December 2012 – ML Discovers a Need in the Investment Market

  • In 2012 ML found that the combination of their accelerated outreach and data analytics on market potential are ideally suited for companies funded by investors.
  • Today at least 15% of ML clients are funded by private equity or venture capital firms.

October 2013 – ML Launches its Largest Campaign

  • In 2013 ML launched its largest outreach campaign in the US Market.
  • A team of 35 from ML engaged in the program for 15 months.
  • ML delivered upwards of 100 sales leads per month.
  • ML collaborated with the UK-based company to develop a go-to-market strategy that accelerated their penetration into key US accounts.
  • The client learned the market appetite for a cutting-edge product in a crowded space and had to determine a strategy for long-term market presence due to ML’s efforts.
  • The project also demonstrated the scalability of the ML team.

December 2015 – ML Leverages a Growing Fan Base

  • In 2015 ML discovered that 50% of new clients onboarding the previous year were former clients who had moved on to new companies and brought ML in for services.
  • This is evidence that our 15-year history of helping clients be more successful has established a solid ML fan base.

Utilizing their 15 years of experience, MarketLauncher implements business-to-business sales and marketing programs designed to accelerate growth. ML helps clients find and get in front of more qualified prospects. The end result is that our clients gain new business opportunities and know more about their market including the competitive landscape, where to find the highest yielding sales opportunities and what’s on the minds of key decision makers.

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