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Sales Enablement Support for Healthcare & Life Sciences Solutions Providers

The MarketLauncher team has 20+ years of experience helping clients get in front of the right decision-makers.

Across a broad range of healthcare and life science solutions, we apply our expertise to the research, approach, and cadence of touchpoints to warm up and engage your potential buyers.

“ML’s strategic outbound approach produced more focused targeting and increased referrals. The ML team reconnected with multiple providers, building rapport and awareness that led to more referral activity.”
- Senior Manager Referral Marketing, Nations #1 Medical Alert Service

The ML team can help you: 

  • Identify and build your target audience
  • Book appointments with sales-ready leads
  • Educate and nurture your buyers with personalized outreach
  • Build your sales pipeline and accelerate revenue growth

At MarketLauncher, We Know the Healthcare Industry

Since 2001, MarketLauncher (ML) has helped industry-leading companies that provide solutions to the healthcare and life sciences industries. We’ve helped clients target buyers in pharma, provider, payer, and employer markets across a range of solutions, including medical devices, software, and services.

Based on our years of experience and high client retention and referral rates, nearly two-thirds of our current client base represents these industries.

Our team has worked with clients across a range of services and solutions, including:

  • Referral Management Software
  • Revenue Cycle Management
  • Remote Patient Monitoring
  • Telemedicine
  • Medical Device
  • Patient Access Solutions
  • HCIT Solutions
  • EHR Solutions
  • Healthcare Informatics
  • Clinical Trial Management
  • Pharma Tech Solutions

Our team brings a range of multi-disciplinary marketing and industry expertise to our clients. This is unrivaled in our market. We understand the language of the healthcare industry and are comfortable speaking with the C-suite and all levels within an organization to get you in front of the right buyers.

“MarketLauncher exceeded my expectations, exceeded all goals, and did so in support of a very complex hospital genetic testing software sale. Appointments led to opportunities which led to new contracts.”
– SVP of Business Development, Healthcare IT Company

Client Story

Digital Therapeutics Company

ML helped our client (the highest rated diabetes monitoring solution in the industry) move into a new marketplace and target chronic care management companies and self-insured employers.

ML Results:

  • Built a list of verified leads at 400 organizations.
  • 76% of companies became Marketing Qualified Leads after engaging with content.
  • 53% of engaged leads booked appointments within the first 4 months.

ML Results graphic

Client Story

The first EHR-embedded Chatbot for Patient Communication

This groundbreaking SaaS solution relied on early customers and was looking to build up their pipeline with a Strategic Outbound approach. They have a small sales team and needed resources for very targeted outreach to the mid-market. Their goal was to establish a repeatable process so they could accelerate growth.

In just the first two months, we surpassed our goal, converting 71% of engaged leads into booked appointments. Then, when the client developed a new offering in response to COVID-19, we quickly built a lead funnel 78% larger than originally forecasted and verified 93% of the accounts. Of the engaged, 37% were booked for an exploratory call (19% of all responders).

Examples of Appointments Arranged:

  • Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta Chief Information Officer
  • Aurora Health Care Director of Patient Services
  • CHI St. Luke’s Health Director of Patient Access Services

Examples of Appointments Arranged Graphic

Client Story

Remote Management Solution for Hypertension

This digital health platform developer needed to build critical mass in key geographies to validate market appetite and establish launch plans for future markets. They did not have an internal sales force, so they turned to ML for help managing a geographic rollout.

ML Results:

  • Over a period of two years, established a beachhead in 4 key markets.
  • Closely tracked metrics at all stages of the lead and sales funnel to establish a predictable model for ongoing successful market entry.

Client Story

Medical Device Manufacturer

ML works with the #1 medical alert service in the United States. This client serves over 7 million subscribers and leads the industry in innovation. They were looking for assistance increasing referrals from healthcare professionals with a large patient population.

ML Results:

  • Focused on “reviving” dormant accounts.
  • Achieved our client’s aggressive referral goal using data to pivot messaging based on the market intelligence gathered.
  • Reached nearly 20% of total contacts, reactivating 50% as a referral source.
  • Engaged with decision-makers to capture market intel which helped better inform the ongoing referral strategy.

Client Story

Patient Access Solution

This client leads the industry in verifying patient information, financially approving and clearing patients, predicting payment, and automating the Medicaid approval process. Their suite of Patient Access solutions provides the nation’s most complete and current answers on patient coverage, liability, and demographics, plus real-time authorization requirements and status. They specifically needed help engaging the C-suite, one of ML’s greatest strengths.

ML Results:

  • Engaged CFOs and CIOs of the 750 largest for-profit hospitals and hospital systems.
  • Research associates identified the individuals responsible for the entire revenue cycle and most concerned with diminishing financial results.

Client Story

Healthcare Services & RCM

Defining the right audience for revenue cycle experts.

This healthcare revenue cycle management (RCM) and coding company was casting a very wide net in their sales efforts and needed help defining the right audience and building out the scope of their market across geographies. With an intense and long sales cycle, it was important to have a lot of activity at the top of the funnel to keep the pipeline flowing.

Research and access to the right data sources, combined with outbound calling and emailing, resulted in a clean list and a warm audience of potential buyers. After a slow start with an initial group of 741 leads, we took a more targeted approach and built the list out further to 1,866 and surpassed pilot results by 320%.

ML Results:

  • Aultman Specialty Hospital CEO
  • Stewart Memorial Community Hospital CEO
  • Greene County Medical Center Director of Revenue Cycle
  • Northeast Alabama Regional Medical Center AVP of Finance

Client Story

Investing in More Targeted Growth

Another end-to-end RCM partner who additionally provides total practice management was getting more of their leads by referral. Without a dedicated sales team, the CEO and key executives were handling lead development. Before building a team, they wanted to develop a proven process for building their pipeline. We targeted physician groups with up to 100 providers and smaller health systems.

We targeted a list of over 1,500 physician groups and smaller health systems, reaching 55 of them in the first round of outreach.


Client Story

Healthcare SaaS Platform

This client is a Healthcare IT company dedicated to improving the genetic test ordering process for the medical community. ML helped them test, refine and accelerate their go-to-market strategy.

ML Results:

  • The Pilot program achieved 125% of the goal targeting healthcare providers, genetic testing labs, and academic medical centers.
  • Within the first year, helped the client gain access to buyers in over 45% of their total addressable market.
  • Continue to assist this client by executing an engagement program that keeps them top of mind with their target market, pivoting messaging as market intelligence suggests.
“It is so refreshing and rare to work with a provider who does exactly what they said they were going to do.” – CEO

Client Story

Online Ambulatory Network Strategic Planning Tool

ML works with healthcare’s first and only online ambulatory network strategic planning tool. This client was founded on the premise that real estate strategies grounded in the use of data and predictive analytics lead to more strategic business decisions that result in greater success. This client is a pioneer in combining big data and cutting-edge predictive analytics with trusted, local market intelligence.

“MarketLauncher is absolutely the BEST 3rd party partner we have ever worked with.” – CEO

Client Story

Enterprise Diagnostic Informatics

A major player in the healthcare space, this client provides patient care and clinical information solutions and an end-to-end intuitive workflow that allows for easy access to a patient’s cardiovascular pathway.

Our client has an in-house BDR team but uses the ML team on a regular basis across multiple business units to help their sales executives gain access to the C-Suite. By engaging with titles such as CIO, CMIO, COO, CEO, and CTO, the ML team has helped the marketing and sales team expand their portfolio of net new accounts.

Client Story

The Nation’s Leader in Referral Management

This company built the only cloud-based SaaS solution that fully integrates into leading electronic medical records and captures prescriptions from referrals.

When launching their 340B Referral Capture solution, our client lacked the staffing support to maximize lead flow and build up an ongoing pipeline of new opportunities.

During the pilot campaign, the target audience showed interest, and MarketLauncher’s Strategic Outbound efforts allowed our client to expand their coverage across the total addressable market.

ML Results:

  • Increased prospect list from 272 to over 1000 verified decision-makers
  • 542 decision-makers reacted to email marketing content
  • 171 contacts were reached on follow-up to convert to Sales Qualified Leads
  • Over 65 booked appointments, and 30% were moved into the sales pipeline

Additionally, they needed to recover a list of 70 qualified prospects who had stalled in the sales process - a strategy they called the Anti-Submarine Effort. We reached 51 of the contacts and converted 23 to a follow-up meeting. Thanks to these nurturing efforts, 6 were converted to a closed deal. With continued outreach and a refined understanding of the ideal target market, our client met their goal and closed 25 deals by Q4 and closed 4 more the following January. As the program continues, we’ve established a predictable model to keep new opportunities flowing into the sales pipeline.

“Persistence has paid off’; that should be the ML tagline.”
– SVP Business Development
“We know lead generation is really tough. Especially getting physicians on board. Oftentimes in the past, we have worked on rolodexing to get sales talent. You have to hire very carefully and pay a stiff premium for good salespeople. Oftentimes it means that they cap out quickly. You are in trouble when that rolodex has been depleted and you are forced to build a very mediocre inside process. ML downloads an important part of the process in a way that is quite performant, so we come out ahead on both time and money. ML’s capability is a pretty big standout. I’ve worked with other companies where we had to provide a lot of help on segment building and getting them aligned with the data sources. With ML it was pretty simple. We just gave them parameters and they got what we were talking about.”
– VP of Sales, Remote Patient Monitoring System

About MarketLauncher

Our seasoned experts get you in front of the right decision-makers. ML is typically the cost equivalent of one high-end salesperson. However, our team approach means our clients receive an unrivaled combination of expertise across multiple disciplines related to top-of-funnel sales development, providing more bandwidth than one individual ever could.

If you would like to learn more about MarketLauncher and how we can help you achieve your lead development goals, get in touch with our team.


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Lara Stewart Triozzi
CEO and Founder
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Mary White
Chief Operating Officer
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Dyan Klein
Vice President of Business Development

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