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MarketLauncher is the missing link that turns your inbound leads into engaged and active sales opportunities.

MarketLauncher team members are experts at capitalizing on inbound traffic to move leads deeper into the pipeline. We develop outreach campaigns with a human touch, using calling and personalized email to follow up with prospects who are interacting with your content. Our goal is to turn passive viewers into active leads ready to move forward in the sales cycle.


MarketLauncher’s Lead Nurturing Strategy

Our outreach campaigns drive more traffic to your online assets and include proactive follow up to pre-qualify and move inbound leads deeper into the funnel.

Here’s how we do it:

  • Call to Action: reach out directly to prospects after they show interest or interact with your content
  • Nurture: nurture prospects at each stage of the lead funnel with multiple touch points to keep the conversation going
  • Convert: set up sales meetings with pre-qualified prospects and manage appointment logistics
  • Re-engage: nurture former leads that have “gone dark”
  • Build a bigger audience: identify organizations and decision makers that match your client profile
  • Report: track metrics and aggregate qualitative data for insights to drive your sales strategy

Utilizing open and click-through reports

MarketLauncher worked with a leadership development firm to follow-up after a mass email promo newsletter was released. The client provided their open/click-through reports and the team conducted an outbound calling campaign that honed in on those who had been exposed to the content. Conversion rates were dramatically increased as the pro-active outreach was focused specifically on leads who were interested after their interaction with the initial content.

Find out how our inbound lead development experts can help grow your business.

Case Study: Using Inbound Lead Development to Drive Revenue

The Client

A SaaS solution provider that offers web-based local marketing software and services to brands and their affiliates around the world.

The Need

The Client was revamping their lead nurturing and scoring process company-wide and was looking for a marketing partner that could help design a program to keep these leads engaged, identify shifts in prospects’ interest levels and create opportunities to initiate sales conversations.

The Experience

MarketLauncher learned the Client’s value proposition and selling points quickly, evaluated the market and collaborated with them to create a comprehensive list of all potential clients in various categories and size tiers. MarketLauncher then “cleaned” this list to confirm data accuracy, identify decision makers and key influencers within each organization — giving the sales team a much clearer picture of each account's decision-making structure.

MarketLauncher also deployed a team of highly experienced sales development professionals to execute a multi-touch phone and email campaign to generate more leads. The MarketLauncher team met with the client on a bi-weekly basis to discuss progress, outcomes and strategic adjustments based on data and intelligence gathered from the ongoing program.

The Impact

The Client has signed on a number of new clients as a result of their ongoing partnership with MarketLauncher. They have also gained further insight into their markets and become more efficient at tracking opportunities in their sales funnel. The team has also helped identify market expansion opportunities and additional niches for their Client to pursue.

“We are a marketing software company, so you can’t just throw anybody on the phone and have them deliver our value proposition without being able to talk the talk. We were a little bit nervous initially, but the MarketLauncher team very quickly got up to speed and proved to us they could not only do it, but could scale it for us as well.”
– Marketing Director, Marketing Software Provider
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