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ML Achiever: Terri-Lynne Anderson, Sales Manager and Writer

Terri-Lynne Anderson is infectious in the best of ways. TLA loves people, and that shines through in everything she does. Her friendliness translates across phone lines and in her emails and texts. She has a genuine desire to help and leaves everyone she engages with feeling inspired. TLA also loves singing. And when it comes to B2B sales, she hits all the right notes. 

Terri-Lynne Anderson and family

Hi, TLA. Please tell us a bit about yourself. 

Sure. I live in Los Angeles with my husband, Glen, and daughter Jordyn but I’m originally from Ontario, Canada. My strong work ethic (I started babysitting at 12) and a little bit of good luck resulted in an opportunity to move here, and I grabbed it! I was visiting friends in LA in 2008 and was very fortunate to meet a business owner looking for a sales manager, and we just clicked. She sponsored me to move to LA, and my sales career continued to soar. I learned a lot about B2B sales and sales strategies working with her that I still apply today.  

TLA Karaoke Two (1) TLA Karaoke Two (1)

I also have a passion for music. I never pass up an opportunity to sing. My friends call me the Queen of Karaoke. Currently, with my daughter, I’m learning to play the piano. I also love to travel, and I am planning a family trip to Paris and the Amalfi Coast, where I can indulge in yet more passions… food and wine.  

For me, life is about taking advantage of all experiences presented to me.  

You have been very successful in your time with ML and recently received the 2022 Achievement Value Award. Congratulations! What led you to ML? 

Terri-Lynne Anderson wins ML Achievement Award

Thank you!! It’s been so much fun working here. I genuinely admire our leadership, my colleagues, and my clients too.  

I found out about ML the way many of my coworkers did. I got married and had Jordyn. I took a full year off to dedicate myself completely to her, and at the end of that time, I realized I wanted to find a job that would allow me to work from home.  

A friend pointed me to a website that promoted remote-based careers. I found a role ML was hiring for that sounded interesting and sent them my resume. 

I discovered quickly how important building the right team is to ML. Their interview process is very thorough, and I spoke with quite a few MLers. I was very impressed. In previous roles, I had been hired on the spot or actively pursued so this was new to me. Luckily, I made it through and began in a part-time role. Then, over the years, as Jordyn started school and I had more hours available, I moved into a full-time position. 


Sales Development Specialist > Sales Leader/Talent Manager > Dir. of Specialist Talent > Sales Manager/Writer

Being an MLer has been a truly rewarding experience. The time they spend making sure new employees will fit in pays off incredibly well for the company, our clients, and every team member.   

You have held a variety of roles with ML. Can you talk a bit about that? 

Sure! ML’s flexibility extends beyond just the work environment. They are also big on staff development and letting us take on new roles. Most of mine were on the sales side, but I also worked in client services and as a talent manager. I believe experiencing different roles provides a well-rounded view and a better understanding of the bigger picture and how we can all impact the company's success.    

"Improvement is one of our core company values because it has been a personal philosophy of mine to always keep learning and growing. I love that our environment attracts high achievers like Terri-Lynne who embrace the desire to keep moving forward."

I stepped away from ML for a short period to deal with some issues and explore another opportunity to learn and grow. That time off helped me re-evaluate and put some things into perspective. I often found myself thinking about ML. I guess I never stopped being an MLer at heart. 

Terri-Lynne Anderson and Family

Lara and the team were supportive of my need to step away, and we stayed in touch. When she sent a note reminding me that the door was always open, I realized in my heart that coming back was the right thing to do.  

As a sales manager, I get to indulge my love for helping clients and sharing knowledge with our Market Research and Sales Development Specialists.  

As a writer, I fulfill yet another passion. I’m very personal and conversational in my communication style, and I get to craft messaging that is reflective of that.  

Both roles go hand in hand. I coach my colleagues to apply this style in all their outreach. Make conversations all about the person they are speaking to, not all about ML or our client. Be non-salesy and respectful of their time. Let them do the talking. Our job is to listen. 

"I keep it conversational, short and sweet. I might open with, 'I know you aren't expecting my call. I was hoping to learn how you are doing [issue] today.' Then, I let them do the talking. Then share how our product or service can help solve that issue or fill any gaps."

You have over two decades of sales experience. What tips would you give someone starting out as a sales professional? 

Here is my top four list. 

  1. You have to believe in what you are selling. You won't be successful if you don't believe in the company and its products or services. And more importantly, you won’t be happy. 
  2. Be a good listener. As I mentioned, let people talk and actively listen to what they say. That way, you can uncover the cues to how the offering you are promoting can help them. When I find a match and a way to help, it feels great. 
  3. Be competitive with yourself, not with others. I love coaching and mentoring to help everyone succeed. Helping your coworkers hit their goals will help you meet yours, help your clients, and help your employer. Everyone wins.  
  4. Shake off rejection. You are going to hear NO. Try not to take it personally. The person you are speaking to may simply be having a bad day. Have a positive attitude and smile. People truly do respond.  
As cheesy as it may sound, I always have a smile on my face when calling. It comes through the phone!

Thanks for your time, TLA. Do you have any last advice or comments? 

Yes. This conversation reminded me of the impact that strong leadership and building the right team have on a company. There are two books I have read that are particularly good. I recommend anyone in a sales role, or working as part of a team, check them out. 

Good to Great by Jim Collins: One concept in the book stands out: “Leaders of companies that go from good to great start not with “where” but with “who.” They start by getting the right people on the bus, the wrong people off the bus, and the right people in the right seats. And they stick with that discipline—first the people, then the direction—no matter how dire the circumstances.” 

The Ideal Team Player by Patrick Lencioni: The author believes an ideal team player has three essential virtues. These are hunger, humility, and people smarts. It’s another interesting read that offers ideas on how to inspire people.  

And speaking of inspiration, I want to end by saying that I still love working for ML. I love the people and can’t say enough about them. They inspire me every day.  

Terri-Lynne Anderson and family


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